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Toad can marry 7 great opportunities of the white swan
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Release time: 2007-4-12 9:28:13 Be read to count: 242 Origin: Sina BLOG One. Show the abdomen is marriage

The parental hereat friend of the parents of toad and white swan is old acquaintance it is a colleague, as a result of the relation of on one generation, show when they had not been born the abdomen is marriage, although the man grows uglier more,became toad as a result, the woman grows more beautiful to become a white swan more. Although the white swan is not willing 100 times to marry, but but it is in that father child key link, the husband is the time of Fu key link, the female lacks too much right to speak, she also can destroy a tooth to go to only the pharynx in abdomen, accept this reality.

Think now, although the times progresses free love, but like me such toad also did not point to with the white swan again however the abdomen is the opportunity of marriage, painful! Hey-------Slept to be not worn again tonight!

2. Artful mouth woman matchmaker

If toad is born in to need the time of woman matchmaker pull wires, and toad Sahafu of can lucky minister of the news before finding to resemble Iraq in that way woman matchmaker, capture when American army he returns pair of can sturdy whole worlds to give off lie when Bagdad already quickly: Unplug shelfing  of  of leech of  of model of chasm of  of wall of  of alliance of sour of room of cheek scabbard gun pats  of Ci of  of a key to do sth of cheek of lot of lofty  award to pull  to cheek chasm of  of castrate of spay of Ju Ya  is able to bear or endure lazy excuse me of temple model filter! Skip the opportunity that knocks? toad success is almost 100 percent, because if Sa breaths out a husband,be in below public opinion offensive, the white swan is early packed up that arrogant wing disarm to surrender. Etc did obeisance to hall after entering bridal chamber, although the feeling is duped but also can marry only chicken is married along with chicken toad follows toad.

3. Rich and powerful family of one's previous experience

A society who most be in power, who is that about to saw a belle be married? In ancient time, it is an emperor without doubt / VIPs most be in power, it is in light of now, grasping the malfeasant that examines and approve an encyclopedia besides those hands is powerful group outside, be the businessman that those are mastering social more resource, gentleman does not see which corrupt official was investigated beautiful without 9 second wife, those beautiful white swans that in recreation the circle mixes are returned finally was not to be married sufficient can become him father / wealthy businessman of the grandfather. Accordingly, toad although he grows uglily, but if their pa Mom has right,have money, or their itself has authority to have money, the word that uses him toad says: Does  of wed of a man's cap used in ancient times send? of addiction of heir of live abroad of adept wood fade your white swan arrogant be not? My million cannot conquer you, I am used 10 million.
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