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The man likes her cummer where to show
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Release time: 2007-6-12 8:26:06 Be read to count: 277 Origin: Sohu net

The man admires woman and the eye that the woman enjoys a woman to differ all along, and meet to the appreciation of own girlfriend as male friend more delicate and attentive, male friend likes her girlfriend how to wear outfit; How does the sweetheart that likes to see oneself again show attractive figure, this can be a big science, the woman also understands this ability to wear the dress with male enchanted all the more friend of sell one's own things only. Does male friend like you how to show, how to wear? Look at once!

The first action: Alluring

Like the plump woman, man that is concerned about face-saving a bit again at the same time to be able to not repel his girlfriend shows a bosom actually, what they hope their cummer can be worn is high and alluring!

Suffer male friend to welcome an index: ★ ★ ★

The 2nd action: Exquisite waist limb

Showing a small of the back is a kind of pattern that can show female youth and vigor most, the girlfriend that likes the man of the girl of motile to often like his so can show her small pretty small of the back.

Suffer male friend to welcome an index: ★ ★ ★

The 3rd action: Build grown leg

A lot of men are in when appreciation woman, obstinate loving at beautiful leg ministry line, slender to them beautiful ham is truly deadly temptation, if your male friend is love a leg mad, you do not make him disappointed certainly.

Suffer male friend to welcome an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

The 4th action: Beautiful jade is carried on the back

The man that likes a woman to show a back often is more mature man, because show a back to install,always be the surface low-key actually alluring, and always can bring a man the surprise!

Suffer male friend to welcome an index: ★ ★ ★

The 5th action: Grace sweet shoulder

Conservative man always likes a woman to show a shoulder, elegant nobility and do not break temptation, showing a shoulder is extremely reveal to a tender kind, also be the means that the man that compares ego hopes to see her cummer is revealed!

Suffer male friend to welcome an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

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