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Fiance secret box should be opened first before marriage
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Release time: 2007-5-15 9:28:14 Be read to count: 220 Origin: Go up the sea on Wednesday

Shuai Ke, Ma Duo:

With male friendly love already 6 years, although at the beginning my people does not accept him, so old past, parents acquiesces basically also this marriage. Their family is to urge we get married as early as possible more.

Of amative initial stage the feature is then that bit newer romance vanishs completely early, want to say our feeling has much deeper much sacrificing oneself for a just cause certainly, also may not. 6 years ah, heat also has been heated up, cold cold also over- , feel well has made a noise, remain, namely a kind of those this habit between.

Our wedding is ordered in next month, busying to plan happy event in family, I contradict suddenly. Think of to will be the same as this to already became my habits and customs the man of one part lives all one's life, abrupt between, had a kind of strange feeling. I ask myself, how much do I understand after all to him? The answer is not to know.

I begin to peek his mobile phone short message, let a friend help my unlock his MSN and QQ password, examine chatting record.

This is checked, finish sth with respect to fish unexpectedly. He and first love cummer almost every week has communicate, he has a dot to have an affair with with several women at the same time on the net...

Do not have keep calm temporarily, interrogatory he, his throat is noisier than me, say my distrust and esteem he, say I moved his privacy, still say my way " below 3 sodden " .

I begin to regret oneself clinging and serious, also begin to generate the sentiment that detest to him, accredit feels more place remnant very few.

Friends persuade me to part company before it is too late in succession, I firm does not leave a heart, relation of 6 years, do not say to be able to be broken. The move such as my of one mind he will explain with me, even if be before cummer annoys him, female client pesters and so on very hard, I also feel feel better some. Unluckily he waits for me with inhospitality.

I did not have an idea temporarily, be my fault, be still he borrows machine want to follow my bend to break?

One opens the woman of secret case

Shuai Ke says

You mix " do not know " the man pestered 6 years, even if do not regret him youth days is wasted, also are this compunctious the auspicious time that delayed a family?

If have a kind of machine, can let you learn a man all the time doing, place thinks of place to want, it is certain that I guess you most welcome.

Want me to say, your practice is enough " below 3 sodden " . You return have the nerve to waiting for him to explain, wrong wrong, nowadays, the judge is him, you are waiting for the portion that he will come to to adjudge only, because blunder is you,casting becomes.

You are quite muddleheaded really, 6 years, fast marriage, know male friend the answer of how many is actually " do not know " . I do not know what you are doing 6 this years really, you mix " do not know " the man pestered 6 years, even if do not regret him youth days is wasted, also are this compunctious the auspicious time that delayed a family?
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