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Courtship jewel aids your a helping hand
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Release time: 2007-5-19 9:32:02 Be read to count: 212 Origin: Business travel journal

  Heat up amative person: Affectionate on the verge of breaking out

  Man piece

● sees this word when you when, you are already medium violent and clinking love is poisonous, the antidote of only marries me namely, need not consider, we marry!

● your past I have not enough time to participate in, I won't miss your future again! In sincerity, with you acquaintance knows each other well; Between Lingxi, with you photograph of a very short time is accompanied.

I cannot assure ● , cannot to you affirmatory what, but I can accomplish: If one day you have hungry feeling, you can see surely in those days, I already had a smile on my face starved to death in the bosom in you.

   Woman piece

● sees you, I am afraid of get an electric shock; Cannot see you, I need to charge; If do not have you, I think I can cut off the power. Loving you is my profession, think you are my career, holding you in the arms is my specialty, kissing you is my major!

● wants to make your mobile telephone very much, put in your bosom, hold in both hands in your hand, look in your eye, write down in your heart!

● baby: My tooth is painful recently, because often think you in the evening, that feeling is too sweet, tooth of meeting eat by moth.

   Old couple: The romance of fuel

  Man piece

● loves you 10000, be exaggerative! Love you 5000, all up! Love you millenarian, be absurd! Love you centenary, too long! Love you 70 years one after another, as long as I am healthy! This is my strong point.

● does not have a lover in my Valentine's Day, have my wife only, she is me love most, today is, tomorrow is, till me gone there also is her only in my heart! Love you really!

Your photograph puts ● on my desk, early morning looks at you, look at you in the morning, look at you midday, look at you afternoon, look at you towards evening, look at you in the evening. "Murmur murmur, wife, when serve a meal? When serve a meal??

   Woman piece

● dear husband remembered: If marry hind husband spends wife in Valentine's Day don't bother to see me out, wife inserts a green vegetables in the vase in the home.

● each the individual's lot is different, the time that love each other also can have accident, only with one one's heart endeavors the ground goes doing, what I can accomplish is: I can let my love accompany you to often go slowly.

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