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Do you have courage marriage?
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Release time: 2007-5-7 12:12:02 Be read to count: 249 Origin: The network is reprinted Idle does not have a thing today, early in the morning goes to a company, does the colleague borrow me is there an article title above this magazine " do you have courage marriage? Does the colleague borrow me is there an article title above this magazine " do you have courage marriage??
Should marry when becoming an issue that needs courage, we cannot underestimate marriage to have such great power unexpectedly.
My good friend, do not agree to marry, male friend is very good to her, but look for all kinds of reason to persuade his to perhaps persuade male friend namely, marrying is how bad, not consistent straight love calculated.
Do not have the meeting that marry to discuss more very much, what marriage gets Buddhist monastic discipline how to glow; Marriage gauze is illuminated how to let far not as beautiful as oneself friend spadger changes phoenix; The love mew of schoolfellow sister decorates how sweet and comfortable.
But more people like love. Respective at ordinary times busy respective, come off work to still can play together, need not pay chummage to also need not make water and electricity. Marry move wanting a province is beautiful, want to buy a house, want to offer a room, buy a car to give birth to the child even, troublesome and great.
Think without marrier, once married, two people want round fuel revolve, next happy classes should come home cook, come off work without time outside stroll about, want to be buried in accumulation mountainous dirty clothes on the weekend, drip with sweat brush floor table; Offer a room for be economical, the golden week can be only in the home. A lot of people think of such contrast does not want to touch marriage.
Say with the canal " I " the word should change " us " , oneself thing should become two people to share. Actually marriage should bear times doubler responsibility namely, ego should sacrifice below more circumstances even. Help sb to fulfill his wishes sweetheart or family. This kind " stoop to compromise " easy thing is not too intense to self-awareness modern. Should originally all the time some " only I " of consciousness and domesticity place requirement without reservation when dedication is afoul, often not know what to do. Go after love, fear the contradictory psychology of responsibility makes them can choose to escape only.
What is the reason that you marry? Having a few kinds of such people is impulse marriage, are you which are planted?
The woman:
1, old father old Mom too chattered, after marrying, it is I said to calculate in the home. Return somebody to accompany you to quarrel experienced eloquence!
2, the work is too hard, be inferior to marrying a wealthy person, seek piece of long-term mess card.
3, must of person after all marries -- even if calculate after a week,divorce!
4, to put on beloved marriage gauze...
5, be overcome the pursuit of the man with those smart consider oneself, flat marriage, let their give up the idea forever calculate.
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