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Marry (marry) which constellation is the happiest
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NO.1 Cancer

Male - not only gain money, can cook more do chore, take care of a family, it is the example of good man.
Female - attentive to the lover considerate, of meticulously take care of the other side, dot of word of the other side is nodded.

NO.2 Pisces

Male - put 妳 in forever the first, at every turn indulges 妳 , your 妳 becomes aware he resembles a princess is same.
Female - can pay termlessly for the other side, 1000 according to 100 suitable, can satisfy state of mind of all old man absolutely.

NO.3 Leo

Male - he can be mixed to the creature comfort with best 妳 take care of, won't let rice of care of 妳 care bavin.
Female - although she is a bit overbearing, but everything what she arranges for you, it is best certainly.
NO.4 Scorpio

Male - love 妳 loves concentratedly to bang intense, can use up him everything can protect 妳 to avoid suffer harm.
Female - once fall in love with you,do not move with respect to faithful, it is OK also to make what sacrifice for you. ---Sacrifice overdid. . . . . Can make a person a bit suffocative come. . .

NO.5 Taurus

Male - know make money to know beautiful money again, he can bring 妳 many life interest.
Female - not only cease to be faithful not easily, and know very much again take care of you, often make you feel nest heart.

NO.6 goat

Male - although have bit of Mu Ne, but get the better of in conscientious, he can let you feel have safe feeling very much.
Female - she does not understand honey-tongued, but ground of meeting deal with concrete matters relating to work helps you get ready everything, the life that lets you becomes appropriate

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