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Mouth is not sweet the constellation schoolboy with true however heart
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Release time: 2007-5-7 11:12:28 Be read to count: 260 Origin: The network is reprinted Some people are such, although won't say a few honey-tongued will please you, but it is completely wholehearted good faith however to you.

The first: Taurine
If taurine schoolboy finds the person of a deep love, this is a very great food fortune Taurus to, because a lot of Taurus are born to often not be clear that he love not to love the other side after all firstly eventually, also can not reach certainly next on body of the other side, once he was found,love really accordingly, he can be cherished exceedingly, taurus male thinking to do is more important than saying, although oral on won't convey, but his sincerity need not doubt.

The 2nd: Scorpio
Although Scorpio knows interest very much, but in fact he also is the person with very serious heart of a gain and loss, he hopes to please other in part very much, but very it is good to be afraid that those who do is insufficient, and Scorpio male think to tell the word that come out to must be done get, because this is not told,go out true honey-tongued, but his good to other in part way is the other side asks with him what, he can be accomplished as far as possible.

The 3rd: Leo
When the schoolboy of Leo is quarrelling with other in part especially, it is to lose one's head simply to the utmost, actually he special want to apologize with the other side, but it is to press no less than faces really, the lion male the self-respect that keeps old man to want occasionally, the tone is very can strong, and the lion of old man creed male do a few businesses to want to prevent other in part occasionally, although the tone is very fierce, it is for the other side actually good, he behaves means to compare clumsiness occasionally, but had turned round to want, he actually pretty is consider of the other side.

The 4th: Capricorn
Capricorn love the other side is good to the other side, had behaved usually go up in trifling matters of everyday life, go out for example the hand is pulled the hand, face that feels the other side or furtive when with always together of other in part. . . . Etc, but want a Capricorn male make the courtship motion with a few spruce flowers, for example street neck, genuflect comes down to propose. . . Etc, this is tall difficulty really to him, slow to wood model Capricorn male it is impossible task simply, his romance is indistinct, if understand the person can feel very warm.

The 5th: Aries
After the schoolboy of Aries overtook the other side on the feeling, meet a complete spirit is dedicated at the career, aries male compare thick lines and old man creed, although have exquisite one side, but he is to be put in the heart, for example he may hear other in part to once had said what desire, he can evaluate himself to be able to be accomplished, give the other side suddenly the surprise next, can be the Aries in the process male can not disclose.

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