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Vocally and flavour conquer man
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Release time: 2007-10-14 19:16:02 Be read to count: 399 Origin: Xiamen net If sexual assimilate to a symphony, that vision, touch, hearing and smell are acting bowstring respectively canal of happy, wood, copper pipe and knock 4 kinds of musical instrument. However, before major person was paid attention to only two, ignored hearing and olfactory value however, perform the composition nature that come out to appear a little drab. Serve as sexual love " additive " , hearing and smell are attached most importance to especially should. The voice that has a few kinds of categories is to be able to move man, let a man cannot be forgotten.

Blurred sound

This kind of sound has the voice that representative is Xuan of week of voice of old Shanghai gold most, still have a long time ago the sound of old broadcasting station, gentle and lovely, soft soft, sweet, let a man indulge. But present woman was master in her own house, had coequal right with the male, voice is big, force is powerful, no longer advertent vocally moves man, free-standing evolution of the woman should lose this kind of voice necessarily.

Melting sound

20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, inlander can remember the name of a woman- - Deng Lijun, she is mixed sweetly then fresh voice, can make the male blundering mix perplexed heart, get comfortable delay calms, wallow in even among them, forget everything.

Magnetic sound

This kind of sound is a delegate with Cai Qin. Deduce the flavour of female soft beauty with this kind of sound, as a cup of age wine. The song that hears Cai Qin suits to be in wet, that is a kind of especially beautiful scene. This kind of sound makes a man more lucid to feminine understanding.

Sexy sound

Sexy sound is a vaguer concept, nevertheless this sound has a word to cannot do not have: Soft. Normally feminine voice slants pointed, accordingly, soft be to lead to a gender to feel the most crucial.

A lot of women do not meet the sound of above certainly have, but this is not important, serious attention avoids to let the sound that the man is fed up with: It is pointed. 2 it is mood too spell able, august.

When the men and women is together, sound can have activator and the effect of the agent that urge affection, when the woman has feeling, voice will be soft the United States rises. The feminine voice in most love is enchanting, the feeling that talks with the lover is moved harmonically, with differ apparently at ordinary times, resembled adding honey, let a man melt, excited. At this moment without giving thought to much uglier woman, the sense that gives a man is best. If the female's sound can return to nature and soft beauty, it is a of penetrable man invisible edge tool.

Outside eliminating hearing, smell also is the indispensable one annulus in sexual love. An investigation showed recently, the male of 82% thinks " appreciate is sexual a shot in the arm " . The man is subtler to approving the flavour of Sa and popcorn, besmear is worn batch of Sa of cheese medicinal powder the flavour that give out can make phallic blood flow increases 5% , and besmeared the popcorn of butter can make hematic flow increases 9% above, the fragrance of lavender and the flavour that cucumber sends can increase 40% . Perfume also can have certain effect in sexual love, but had better not use too powerful sweet model, otherwise easy Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. .
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