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He your needs what kind of prelude
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Release time: 2007-10-14 19:15:04 Be read to count: 358 Origin: Xiamen net "Does the man also need a foreplay? " the woman lets this suddenly " news " , feel fresh mostly. Think carefully, the man also is a person, what certain writer place says unlike is " Martian comer " , man and woman are affective animal euqally, want to compare the heart the heart, with " person this " angle goes treating another person, the man also needs a gender to arouse.

To the man 3 kinds are read by accident

The about the man erroneous mistake of the incorrectly relay an erroneous information between the woman knows, often become the serious obstacle that the couple gets along. Rapidly postmortem, in these a few mistakes, how many do you have to be broken involuntarily?

The man does not have interest, have an affair certainly

The man's idea and woman are actually different, can not devoted to to want affair object, and do not agree and first wife go to bed.

If the man does not have sexual interest, the likelihood is he did not have interest really only, perhaps be the woman before lets him carry disinclination, likely also the problem goes in him himself. Want to let a man carry vigorously, the foreplay is effective prescription, but the sexual ability that if is him gave an issue, must differentiate among them importance. Appear on physiology when the man when major function obstacle, had better demand medical service promptly, find out the pathogeny. Sometimes the disease of physiology comes from at psychological sex impotent, and psychological pathogeny gives autogenous vivid pressure possibly, or the setback experience that is other. As long as can reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis finds out a reason, man " be no good " resemble other disease same, can find settlement good plan.

The man is not driving, do not want namely

Sometimes the man also can feel tired, perhaps want to enjoy the fun that is waited upon completely, but the woman in the home is used to waiting for him to launch offensive however, then some men can be unable to bear or endure alluring, beautiful money goes out seek a woman, be in relatively below the circumstance that does not have pressure, abreact oneself passional. Its are really bisexual get along on, "The part is acted " it is indispensable one annulus, so close life community, it is a spouse besides each other besides, still can be female mother of good friend, father child, brothers. When should wanting additionally to lying to rest only partly so, perhaps you can be cast who to issue this active prejudice, serve one time for him well, let him be opposite from now on you more attaching.

Satisfy with the hand very abnormal

Some women cannot understand: I am already animated be before you, why to produce an impact directly, and should with " handicraft " will help the other side achieve pleasure? In fact authenticity loves and " handicraft " fun is widely divergent, and " handicraft " the acme that also is a foreplay. If the woman agrees to put down the figure of fabricated, the workout is good " handicraft " , will help a man reach state of comfortable be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, to each other affection is helped somewhat certainly.
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