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I use passion prodigal brief marriage
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Release time: 2007-8-13 8:13:39 Be read to count: 486 Origin: Net of Henan cable industry - the great river signs up for
I use passion prodigal brief marriage (graph)

They become a netizen to become husband and wife again from stranger, change afresh again now a stranger. The marriage that a paragraph of network love of 7 days adds let small graceful leave a paragraph to wipe the painful memory that does not go. The net is loved make they get together love each other, finally also is the network makes them apart.

When small graceful phones me, the marriage that says her maintained 33 days only, I begin to imagine, why do they marry to divorce?

When meeting, I feel small to graceful is a very fashionable girl, resemble the woman of firm divorce not at all, but she says: "I am a very self-confident person all along, but my marriage maintained 33 days only actually, I very regret. I very regret..

   Go up in the network " find you "

What my university learns is hotel management, graduation hind enters a public house that has dimensions quite smoothly, accomplished old hall director the 3rd year. 25 years old, ought be the girl's most carefree and easy days, but I everyday from early half job arrived at 9 o'clock in the evening, actuating pressure asks plus what he goes up to detail, always feel depressive so.

When I read, the network is already popular, the colleague that my first time gets online is me however takes me to go. I always feel the network is too noisy, in how not the work in the same placing's great kindness invites below, ground of my make use of an opportunity to do sth begins sortie at the network.

, I entered the name is " love has the land one day " chatting room, room advocate have a very special pet name: "Find you " . Stem from curiosity, I am mixed actively for the first time stranger " find you " made a call. "Find you " say, the person is seeking other in part namely, took this name so.

I type rate is very slow, "Find you " tell me to say: "Dish bird? Did not want to chat with you, too slow. " the instant, a kind of unprecedented failure move floats immediately on mind, in people look, I am a very outstanding person all the time, which can suffer such humiliation.

Under stretch, it is clear that I ask " find you " after online detailed place, hit all the way hurricane and go. Enter an Internet bar, I cry to one house National People's Congress with respect to ground of get up on one's hind legs: "Who is ' find you ' ? To me the station comes out! " one's voice in speech just fell, see a boy saw me, rose to go out beside me next. I see answer me without the person, give immediately " find you " call. such, I knew he calls Qing Yang (alias) , qing Yang tells me, what he goes by that beside me namely is male. He still says, I such girl is too horrible, he often gets online never can encounter like me such. It is a from an exchange of blows friendship grows really, that one night, we talked about one all night with the phone.
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