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Spouse of the sex after marriage crosses much terrible consequence
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Release time: 2007-8-13 8:15:52 Be read to count: 535 Origin: Ocean net - Guangzhou daily

No matter the man or woman are done not have implement qualitative sex is short of caustic, but marrying several years always is a bosom however do not go up darling! Statistic shows, in infecund disease patient, have L / of 5 belong to immunity infecund disease. The expert points out, as sexual idea open, the immunity that causes because of sexual chaos is infecund the killer that becoming minatory female to bear increasingly, should cause the vigilance of people and attention.

   Two it is into infecund disease patient " immunity is infecund "

Ms. Liu of 33 years old marries already 10 years, cannot be pregnant up to now however. These year come, husband and wife two made an inspection for many times, did not discover a He Qi is qualitative however sexual pathological change. 4 years ago, ms. Liu still has done artificial conception 2 times, 1 tube baby, but all end in failure. For be pregnant with a darling, ms. Liu alls over the cure that seek a name everywhere, western medicine took Chinese traditional medicine countless, be like disappear forever however.

Just discover later, what Ms. Liu suffers from is " immunity is infecund " . Early explanation of analogy of expert of department of gynaecology of association of Chinese name cure says, alleged " immunity is infecund " , it is the wife produced antibody to marital spermatozoon actually, these antibody kill spermatozoon directly or restrain spermatozoon and ovum union to form oosperm, perhaps form in oosperm hind, make its cannot grow in the health inside the uterus. Normal sexual life maintains two years after Yo age couple gets married and did not take contraceptive step, if do not have conception, suffer from likely went up infecund disease. Between infecund disease, immunity is infecund occupied 20% , fighting spermatozoon antibody among them is among them a the commonnest kind, occupy about 60% the left and right sides. Besides, fight the antibody of antibody of the film inside the uterus, the phosphatide that fight a heart, incidence of a disease that fights ovarian antibody to also have ascendant tendency.

   Seminiferous duct jams or send immunity infecund

Fighting spermatozoon antibody is a mixed pathology offspring, men and women all but sicken, exact cause not bright. From clinical in light of, majority detects give the patient that refuses spermatozoon antibody to suffer from reproductive path inflammation at the same time. Male spermatozoon, refining, all belong to particularity antigen to the female, after blood of bring into contact with, the men and women all can cause immune reaction, produce corresponding antibody, block up spermatozoon and ovum are united in wedlock, and send infecund.

Below normal circumstance, male spermary is put in hematic Gao protective screen, block up of hematic Gao protective screen the contact of spermatozoon antigen and airframe immunity system, because this does not arise,fight spermatozoon antibody. But, suffer from urethritis, prostatitis, epididymis when the male the phlogistic, orchitis, seminiferous duct after accepting seminiferous duct ligate or other block to break art jams, get traumatic when waiting for a circumstance, hematic Gao protective screen is destroyed, spermatozoon leakage or huge bite cell enter reproductive path to gobble up digestive sperm cell, the system of immunity of spermatozoon antigen activation that its carry, with respect to the oneself immunity reaction that can cause spermatozoon, arose to fight spermatozoon antibody.
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