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Speak: What man wears green hat the most easily
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Release time: 2007-7-23 13:13:22 Be read to count: 364 Origin: Sina forum

As the wife people increasingly independent, husbands feel more the dangerous situation that place oneself flies to at green cap horizontal stroke. We sum up the man of the easiest cuckold today, you want pie-eyed valued!

The first kind: Look the man of female factitious a beloved daughter

A lot of men accomplished meticulously ground to show loving care for to his woman, sleep holding in the arms, have a meal taking, go to work thinking, hour indulge his self-righteous love story, the one photograph that actually a lot of moment are a man is willing, this is breakneck. On the balance of love, who is paid more, who is footy, if you always are paid, pay, this wants to become add love weight ceaselessly at giving opposite party, certainly will brings about him deviate of pressing with a finger of balance, let oneself become very flirtatious, be not taken seriously finally by the woman, was worn by her countless green caps, till be abandoned by her. Do a man to want to become a weighty man, all affection want bury to be in the heart, bury more for a long time have deal more, the finger of love won't him deviate.

The man enhances each other happy sense to beyond the mark and doting meeting of the woman, cheerful oneself also bestow favor on favour her person, this are undeniable. Feminine desire is everlasting, no matter be returned to money,be to the man, they had ten thousand and one to be able to think million surely, they conquered a man can think conquer certainly another man. Say so, the man does not let a woman conquer forever.

Every woman is a green cap, must not be worn to merciless ground by her. This is just like in one's childhood " thin silk of wash one's hands of " game is same, the relation between the men and women loses handkerchief namely actually, who is being lost, who must take handkerchief run at the back of others buttock accordingly.

The man must remember a bit: Besides go up in the bed, do not let any women wedding day passes.

The 2nd kind: The person that entrepreneur, programmer, undergraduate reachs tall record of formal schooling

Entrepreneur dinner party is too much, want to handle a lot of work everyday, in the attend to on affection not wife, they accompany a client to go constantly place of a few pornography, one but did not hold to release passion, in returning the home, tumble into bed, the wife cannot be satisfied on the body, so come, the wife goes out to steal a person.

Programmer is logistic thinking ability very strong, the feeling that causes them business is very small, like doing oneself so that follow a researcher everyday, for a statement busy on one whole evening, forgot to come home, the following day in the morning, the program debugs a success, oneself wife was given to debug by others however.

Although the undergraduate is very pure, but the case that a lot of schoolgirls have a few boy friends at the same time also is not little, a lot of schoolgirls want to change new boy friend not to want to follow former old boy friend to part company however, fear oneself parted company with old boy friend, new boy friend was not built however on, such their bodies appeared " carry for nothing " state, seem to play football, everybody does not hope oneself " Buddhism " be smoked to shoot by foot of National People's Congress. So come, very much male undergraduate is sufferred abandon by the ability after the person wore green hat.
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