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Psychologist is analytic " of " perfect marriage: ⒉ of linden of of evil of so
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Release time: 2007-6-29 7:40:48 Be read to count: 339 Origin: News midday newspaper In most relation, love is not your place need is all. So, a perfect marriage besides love, still need what to problem note? A few a lunar month of 29 days that psychologist comes from below are discussed, maybe can be inspired somewhat to you.

  Marriage can maintain mental health

More and more females decided love concerns. However sweethearts people apt lives together and not be to marry increasingly, avoid to assume obligation with this, this ases if became a kind slowly the disease of diffuse, make present divorce rate achieves the United States 50% the left and right sides. But undeniable is, still a lot of people like geminate and didymous, conjugal idea is already thorough popular feeling. Concerned investigation makes clear, majority person believes, it is crucial that a perfect marriage lives to happiness. We more and more the mental health that depends on a kind of close personal relationship to safeguard his, but meanwhile, marriage becomes however meaning of strong person of worse and worse.

"Active, paradigmatic marriage is less and less, " Dr. David Aoerxun puts forward American psychologist, "People often thinks, there is love in marriage enough, not be actually such. The marital relation go from bad to worse that becomes them when, get along unpleasant sweethearts has remembered very hard, it is what force lets them be together in those days. "

 Come from psychologist people proposal

If say only love is insufficient in marriage, what to still need so? Psychologist is below a few gist of good to be being maintained besides love marriage, consult for you.

Keyword 1: Choice

Lack pair of affirmatory abidance, be this bit to have in bisexual relation ruinous, dr. Howard Makeman says. Maiden sweethearts people often won't realize, they chose the other side, mean the alternative that abandoned pair of someone else. When option issue appears, they think " I had not decided I want to be together with who finally " , accordingly they also solve a problem without apiration, and these questions often fall relation of a paragraph of affection to fall to still can appear in them.

"Love won't go down naturally continuously forever, because it also needs,should grow ceaselessly, safeguard and repair. " Israel psychologist Dr. A Dr. Yala Malaji Pineisi says, "Accordingly, mixing to be able to arouse the spouse of your love ceaselessly is first-rate together. As to how will inspire love, this is the thing that both sides needs hard to do all the time actually. "

Can let that instant that we feel true to mature, love a person namely in the hair in marriage oneself instinctively, is not to hope he go loving a person. Dr. Steven Sidongni emphasizes saying.

Keyword 2: Conflict

To first love person for, financial management is a kind of necessary education, because financial problem is in amative relation,often be the chief reason of bilateral conflict, it is a gender next.
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