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Build husband and wife to exchange the note of the mechanism regularly
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Release time: 2007-6-8 7:33:24 Be read to count: 341 Origin: Heibei daily

The book on your table or so shipshape ground are being placed, the dress in your chest or so shipshape ground are being hanged, you always brush the shoe that crosses season so that be put in shoe box completely, box of your a pile of shoe or shipshape in that way ground are being put in mural ark. The sock coil up that you like to wash one in pairs clean is together, install a polybag next, thin thick departure is installed, now, that bag of one sock with clean bag still also is in ark of the head of a bed putting aside silently. But these things, how abrupt don't have host? In the future, who can still come patronage them? They put aeon land over, await their host dolefully, however, their host returns forever no longer however...

A when I am touching you a dress, rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers is worn sock of your one in pairs, I felt your skin clearly, felt the body of your Wei bank, the base that touched your tall double leg, your love to perspire... I feel you still the look of heroic spirit looks down at from altitude come down, your tepid breath towers in you the fan in forceful nose ala amiables and compliant. Can see you when fix eyes on of my wipe tear when, how did you disappear again? I look around deserted house, search you everywhere. You stand, dear!

4 walls echo is worn your sound, I see the figure that is less than you however. I understand eventually, you also won't stand before me again! You also won't be again in this house to-and-fro, I also do not listen to what walk to you to kick again step sound.

Our house is clean in that way still, the floor still is bright in that way brilliant, bookcase chest or in that way spotless. You always like to clear away the house neatly before one's death, put the thing shipshapely, I also like. After you go, I ever did not want what to clear away again, do I clear away what share me without you again neatly is there He Yiyi? But I think again, don't I clear away the slovenly in La how not let sb down you?

I always feel when you can come back, the room that when coming back, I use clean, clean quilt (the faint scent that there still is water on the quilt, taste that has the sun) receive you. You before one's death I am to wait for you so, you also wait for me so.

I always look for you in the house like dream, a ground searchs, I always am becoming aware found becoming aware again cannot find forever, I always am becoming aware heard whats did not hear. You always see me so spoonily, however unintelligible ground is fleet and go.

I know, I cannot find you is you already feather outside flying to the window. Wind is outside the window it is rain, it is hill it is water, it is moon it is sky, where are you ah dear?

Dear, we present getting along can be the soul only to the soul.

I won't leave us to use the home that love and life found jointly, I won't leave the time that at least still can write in me. In this house, I can discover your existence at any time, talk with you, communicate with you. No matter how heaven world is distant, want to return this house only, I returned us world of two people dear. Of course, when I think writing no longer one day, when I often need a person to take care of every day, the child that I can look for us to Beijing... when I leave the world finally, I still look for you, we still make husband and wife, we still are met hand in hand the happy home with new give somebody a new lease on life.
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