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Every time how does Dou Jiangong return a responsibility
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Army He Fang passes a year of much free love to marry, the night of newly-married, after be troubled by bridal chamber when close friends, young couple washs gargle go to bed hastily, like a lot of newly-married husband and wife, after a making love passes, pour out of in the vagina that discovers a bride a few secretion of courage and uprightness, this is Hymen burst and the blood that give. Common saying is called " see red " , it is a kind of very normal phenomenon.

But the day after marriage makes them glad to do not rise however, gradually cloudy even. Because make a person hard incomprehensible is, the following every time of the same branch of a family, the shade road junction of the wife has gules liquid, and still can feel vaginal mouth a few is aching, this kind of circumstance lasted all the time a many month, do they " quality " the interest is devoid. It is not clear that young couple is done really, this " see red " should be once ah. How to meet " see red " ? What disease be after all?

Check to the hospital, because Hymen remains,so the reason of fragrant haemorrhage is piece cause. So what is Hymen remain piece? Want to answer this one question, return so that mention from Hymen. Maiden when, vaginal mouth often by nympha place cover, when apart nympha, visible vagina is closed almost completely by Hymen place. Hymen is to enclothe a mucous membrane in vaginal mouth to organize, its appearance, ply reachs firm toughness because of the person different, general ply is 2 millimeter. The burst when tell Hymen to make love in first time commonly, breach can be in much place dispersedly, what see at most is the second half ministry that is located in Hymen, also can show radiative shape to arrange. Can accompany when sexual intercourse the first time have a few haemorrhage and slight ache, common is called " see red " , it is maiden mark. The Hymen brim that is torn off at this moment often forms scar very quickly, and the organization that becomes a certain number of section, cracked Hymen cut also can cicatrization immediately, won't ache when making love again and bled.

But the Hymen that has a few woman is congenital Hou Ren, in base ministry and shade buccal mucous membrane mutual divide with a hyphen at the end of a line, the first time when sexual intercourse, if male penis slants small, although can make Hymen burst is mixed,bleed, but fail to make Hymen tears off periphery out and out, just tear off partly, can stay so relatively the Hymen relic of chunk, can grow immediately afterwards, repair, recover from an illness, when again when of the same branch of a family, former breakage can happen again tear off, give the appearance that reveals blood and ache, this kind of circumstance but the occurrence of go round and round, bring worry to newlywed.

If appear this kind of circumstance, can be in close paragraph of frequency that sexual life adds appropriately inside time, make mucous membrane burst is close to Hymen periphery base ministry, at this moment, also won't happen to bleed and wait for a phenomenon sorely when sexual life again. But what should notice is, if the tag of Hymen is larger, the haemorrhage when sexual intercourse is more, and when ache is relatively acuteness, should make Hymen tag in time the operation excise to the hospital had better.
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