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Beautiful 3 inferior the travel whole strategy of honeymoon
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3 inferior beach amorous feelings

The job of nervous business already me tired bend over fell, got vacation ahead of schedule, fly to Hainan with husband 3 inferior begin us satisfied 3 inferior brigade.

In the husband before a month already with 3 inferior connection of astral travel net, arrangement had our stroke. Because come up against 51 golden weeks, 3 inferior price of room of each big public house soares we must shorten 5 days of when plan formerly 4 evening for 4 days of 3 evening. For better experience 3 inferior another amorous feelings of area of 3 great respect, we were listened to 3 inferior astral proposal, order 3 evening in respectively 3 inferior the Yin Tai of the coconut Lin Tan of the bay, big the East China Sea and inferior day region of Long Wan, and it is luxurious seascape room. 3 inferior the star is a first-rate website really, content is very practical, gave us many proposals, include to need what to prepare beforehand, in 3 inferior what does need notice to be informed one by one. 3 inferior star ( provided transparent, considerate service, the price very favourable, suggest everybody will go henceforth 3 inferior can consult 3 inferior astral opinion and quote.

   D1: Longed to come eventually 4/27, there is baggage to be driven toward rainbow bridge airport after the job that ended right beside one hurriedly afternoon, take 18:0Airliners of 0 Na Hang CZ3836, right now mood flies to a thousand li already besides 3 inferior. What with me adjacent sits on machine is a round Foreigners, I and they were mentioned 3 inferior beautiful scenery, food, special local product, saying clear and logical, but their where knows me to never also had arrived with them 3 inferior, those information are completely from husband over there wholesale come. In the evening 20: 48 flights descend in 3 inferior phoenix airport, ground temperature 25 degrees, walk into airport hall 3 inferior astral driver already was waiting early, handsome groups small, very enthusiastic, see we want to help us carry baggage hastily. Took a car, keep introducing to me all the way 3 inferior local customs, blowing the late wind that fragrance, arrived coconut forest beach goes vacationing hotel, put down a Li Zhi to go straight towards the balcony to want to look to be seen 3 inferior seascape, but because be in the evening a black. Make a bit after resting, past fokelore is medium before we build a car 3 inferior the first market, fruit of mango, longan, firedrake, pineapple is sweet, various fruit all stops eye ground, do not know what to should want really. Subsequently husband is taking me to go to discharging archives to have a thing, hear over there the famousest is pig heart congee, show a dot to be boiled again, a moment ago did not have hungry feeling, but congee comes up, touch archives not to live alluring. …… rambles, satiate, excited a day, also feel some are tired.
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