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Honeymoon journey ground -- the edge takes edge love
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The love that black town water makes

Very long before, costar of Huang Lei and Liu Reying a teleplay is called " the time that be like water " . After looking, the impression that black presses down is just as wash often emerges it is before: The lane of green flag is curved, winding slightness must do not have an end it seems that. Small market two side the black brim blueness that of row upon row of is all of one suit is made of baked clay, old door is misshapen carve patterns or designs on woodwork and mottled paint on the window. And water, it is the soul that black presses down.

With the hand that love each other ground of the leisurely that pull a hand goes in green flag to spread off-street, stepping finely pace. Be far from city those who experience here is blatant, halcyon with composed. The feeling resembled passing all one's life, loved all one's life.

Honey-tongued: Charter boat of a grasshopper, paddle sound ripples in, tell her: Weak water 3000, I take drink of one gourd ladle only.

Sweet clew: Set out from Hangzhou, the Zhejiang that nonstop black presses down is fast cling to, car Cheng, fare 20 yuan.

Set out from Shanghai, shanghai too the Yi Weike that district station presses down toward black before 4 o'clock afternoon everyday, the journey 2.5 hours, fare 25 yuan.

Channel of 9 stockaded village admires an affectionate couple not to admire celestial being only

CCTV makes fun of greatly " associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " , can calls wind of channel of 9 stockaded village mating plate. Picture only the United States is delicate, beautiful round of beautiful Huan.

Channel of 9 stockaded village visits Na Ping town in Sichuan 45 kilometers are in on the west, connect with the Gansu Province, because have 9 Tibetian village,be on among them and get a name. Its the height that two side have 4000 meters of a lot of above, virgin forest packed closely layer up on layer, block day avoids day, on hillock much green banboos, sway along with wind, coquettish. There is a lot of inside channel laky, although cross tens of rice greatly. But but orthoptic lake bottom, water quality each different, dimple is colorful. Below first sun rays in the morning or the setting sun, the inverted image in water, more bright and clean and clear, the pace moves Jing Yi, full of humour and wit.

In this world elfland, yang Guo and small Long Nv were performed come between a the world true, to pure love. Love not plan not cost, rational. Bend bursa and piece, be without reservation.

Honey-tongued: Arrowy annals not the love of change is not only the ability in the novel has, I want you to know, having a person always on this world is waiting for you, no matter be in when, no matter where be, anyway you know, always have so individual.

Sweet clew: Want to have thing of enough drive winter clothing. Channel of 9 stockaded village is high mountain climate, even if the summer also morning and evening is cool, hot midday, because this wants to notice heat preservation, prevent cold and infection of the upper respiratory tract especially. Scene area sunshine is strong, ultraviolet ray is strong. Long outdoors activity, want daub to prevent bask in frost, in order to protect the skin.
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