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Although case of travel expense of travel of gauze of different ground marriage
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Release time: 2007-5-12 9:36:33 Be read to count: 342 Origin: Beijing morning paper 5 smallpox drop 20 thousand yuan of newlywed person would rather dig down

"51 " just passed, many stiffness are over the new personality of honeymoon begins to be on the net " bask in " marriage gauze is illuminated, among them gauze of the most popular marriage of ground of different of nothing is more... than swims. The expert points out, at present the portion of capital shadow building is in shrink, film means is sufferring the challenge that gauze of different ground marriage swims machine-madely. But operator must want to consider environmental protection issue, concerned branch also should draft code in time, lest this action is caused to the environment,destroy.

The price does not poor: The most expensive 5 smallpox are sold 20 thousand

On the net " bask in " the marriage gauze that come out illuminates outer door scene sundry, the tourist attraction is with Yunnan most. Controller of building of a shadow expresses Kunming, when they just began to roll out gauze of different ground marriage to swim last year, the client comes from adjacent basically to save, the new personality of Beijing soars this year, increase nearly 100 pairs from 3 pairs two of last year, often shift to an earlier date even 3 two months make an appointment.

The line that these photography atelier provide is differ, film the level is differ also. So-called have China of the most beautiful course " somewhere else heaven " advocate push arrive from sweet case lira the course of Mei Lixue hill, 5 days of journeys, altogether 16900 yuan, still do not include new personality to be expended to the travelling expenses of Yunnan and accommodation from Beijing, add entirely, do not have 20 thousand yuan to be not hit. The reporter understands, besides Li Jiang, the travel city such as Xiamen, Hangzhou, Zhou Zhuang also rolled out gauze of different ground marriage to swim, although the price is same very expensive, but still attracted many Beijing tourists.

The businessman discloses: Cameraman base salary 1000 yuan 4

To high price, the businessman has his reason. "For instance that the most expensive course, arrive from sweet case lira in the plum snow mountain, whole journey 200 much kilometers, eating is SamSung class, on the way by cameraman, 3 people accompany assistant and makeup girl, basic fare is not low. Additional, exterior films have a lot of variational, see an azalea sea on the way for instance, cameraman filmed this, do not encounter next time went up, must search afresh every time scene, these are a test. " " somewhere else heaven " chief says. According to introducing, they open the base salary that give to be 4000 yuan to cameraman, still do not include deduct a percentage from a sum of money.

Travel agent: Beijing still does not have this kind of product

Incontestable is, gauze of different ground marriage swims get of many new personality chase after hold in both hands. "Pat in shadow building marry according to honest too machine-made. " the Xiaozhou that just came back from Kunming says, "Different ground pats marriage gauze to be equal to is two people also spent honeymoon together, kill two birds with one stone. Kill two birds with one stone..
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