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Li Jiang: The peaceful hour of happy newlywed person
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Release time: 2007-5-15 9:25:43 Be read to count: 304 Origin: Now business newspaper

Li Jiang (picture origin: Sina life)

Had listened a lot of such story, the person of all over the country went Li Jiang travels, happen to coincide, fetch is ticked off, did not want to move, for a long time take up one's quarters.

Give a reason? Need not a lot of money you can live easygoingly here, and won't alone, can know a lot of friends every day, next ground of unrestrained and far -ranging chats; And always have so bright sun, always those optional and halcyon corners let you jubilate; Still have those beautiful views that periphery spreads all over: Lira of snow mountain, sweet case, tiger jumps gorge, want you to want only, can carry bursa of start on a journey on the back to set out at any time... .

Still have colourful encounter, a lot of people evaluate it is China admires the land that treats highest hair: So small Gu Cheng, so much person, so much doleful and alone and bold and optional soul, so lively bar a street, want you to start to talk only, want you to look with the eye only, ferial li of again overcautious person, also this are ablaze light the courage that falls in love with stranger. Although you had not thought, colourful encounter, also may come easily to you before, let you unaware, defy hard. Great majority is foreigner here in deal, why? Besides a few people for the business business, because of,also having a lot of people is here colourful encounter, changed condition, stayed so, stay together long. So, had better play actually, still still be a person. As long as the person is amused, be in namely hind on the ground with hill water-cooling withered grass withered sitting, also can feel very amused.

Li Jiang already was become by agency beautification elfland, somebody has written the book of the soft days that is called Li Jiang originally. It by too much small endowment, produce in delimited oneself hind garden, by those loudly fling abuses commercializes prevalent custom to change the culture element that controls wrist groan at the same time what to demote and distain.

But no matter how say, li Jiang is worth to go. No matter how tourist is much, hype is gotten how success and failure, do not go you are done not have the law is explained to oneself, do not go you with respect to really good reason. Each person went, each person has completely different favourable or unfavourable turns in life and experience, that is the Li Jiang that belongs to ourselves.

If there is a dream to call Li Jiang in your heart, that goes, go making her satisfactory there broken perhaps; If Li Jiang is only illusive, then you also go, make her disillusion more true perhaps.

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