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Come honeymoon of gauze of a marriage travels
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Release time: 2007-3-3 8:30:07 Be read to count: 291 Origin: The network is reprinted Burning sun, bright sunshine, what is what you think of? Be to be in is hotel of 5 stars class cool and refreshing go vacationing? Still be the ocean wave that rise and fall, golden beach, sexy bikini... still perhaps have your everybody the formal attire of terribly be charmed and marriage gauze? All these, inn-keeper of astute marriage gauze photography thought of for you. Nowadays, photography of travel marriage gauze is becoming a youth stealthily a kind of vogue, be in as the heat wave of billow Yang Cheng is fervent rise.

Traditional marriage gauze photographs film the place is building of indoor shadow canopy, shadow normally (indoor photography) or place of the park that is outdoor, meeting, and the requirement that this cannot have satisfied a youth gradually, because of building of shadow of this marriage gauze elaborate design circuitry of a few welcome domestic and international travel, gauze of along with marriage photographs " bale " go out. With some marriage gauze photography is exemple, farthermost travel circuitry is to go to Australia Sydney, besides completely itinerary be arranged meticulously by the travel agent of Australia place and recieve (include hotel of 5 stars class, candle power dinner eats to wait in famous public house) , still cameraman and division of Australia major modelling are followed row, if star,offer private enjoy " 5 stars class serves " ; Of course, of so wonderful romance itinerary the photography that adds major serves, price nature does not poor, mark a price to chase after 70 thousand yuan continuously. A bit closer tourist attraction also has the famous seaside such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai to go vacationing tourist attraction, the photography that also offers major at the same time serves, the makeup girl that has Guangzhou company or local branch and cameraman are followed row.

Travel marriage gauze photographs, namely " gauze of travel + marriage photographs " , you can enjoy travel fun adequately already, can decide the happiness in travel, happy instant case to come down forever again.

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