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How to select travel agent
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Release time: 2007-4-23 19:31:32 Be read to count: 333 Origin: The network is reprinted To a lot of new personality, after ending multifarious and weighty wedding, most honeymoon of expectant nothing is more... than travelled. In the journey not only the state of mind that can put degree of tightness to stretch tight thoroughly, also be to receive what the new student lives to begin. Although day of budget traveling ethos is filled, but still a lot of newlywed choose to follow a group, give everything travel agent gets ready, very absorption the fun that enjoys travel. Nevertheless, now the good and bad are intermingled of the travel agent on market, if do not have a course to choose carefully, honeymoon the journey gives quality not the travel agent of beautiful, did not keep good memory not only, can bring back bellyful complaint even. So, when the plan travels, it is likewise important to choose a good travel agent and the route that choose to suit. When information of a lot of person collect travel, mostly newspaper of by means of, magazine or network, these media although information rich, journey also relatively diversity, but was blurred easily by the introduction of give an extravagantly colourful description focus. Accordingly, when choosing travel agent and route, besides the information that comes from media, " public praise " it is the most important assurance, if can spend some of idea to ask meet with the friend's experience, or had been the same as with travel on BBS station compare notes, can bring down " meet a person not kind and gentle " risk. When deciding the journey, the first pace should decide this travel agent is lawful first. Should call only inquire this travel agent whether charter of posses travel industry, cast protect honor the agreement responsibility is safe, safe, bail has without be carried out by the court. Later, decide the journey and League membership dues with travel agent. Whether did Ying Wenqing already include tax of visa charge, airport in Hunan League membership dues right now, reach what part to belong to at one's own expenses the journey. In addition, tourist guide, driver reachs the fee number of the leader of a sports team, when to pay, answer to be cleared up beforehand, lest is in itinerary in the thing that is money is done foul atomsphere. Those who want special attention is, a lot of people always want to carry " cheap big bowl " the journey, did not think of money one minute one minute however goods, sometimes cheaper travel, often be so called " shopping group " , must be taken by the tourist guide everywhere " go all out foolishly " , force to promote; The arrangement that some is the quality in accommodation, food, vehicle or flight and course is endless flexibly. After deciding the journey, when you the travel bond that both sides shows when capture makes deposit has held water, right now, remember signing travel bond book with travel agent, and detailed reads content, in order to guarantee oneself right, if produce travel issue unfortunately in the future when, just also have the basis of appeal.

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