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Honeymoon journey carries things
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The marriage that ended hurried fluster celebration, young couple is to should go abroad rest pant. Be stone's throw no matter cross a holiday, still be long travel, preparative work is not gotten cursorily, reached place otherwise ability discovery is short of that this less, do bad to can make a small incident that touches off a big one of conflict.

What should close month journey take after all? Give the thing that national capital should take according to these everybody besides passport, autograph, because new personality goes abroad " purpose " different, preparative thing is about give attention to two or morethings is all ready reach safety. Newly-married swallow Er, be being added is several days be in alone, young couple is little not make love the thing that do, if do not think very prompt father mother, did not forget to carry insurance to cover, and should take more a bit, cannot find drug-store or language to be illogical to place otherwise, always cannot use compare!

Hard to avoid often has the thing that love does during honeymoon, if two people are greener, suggest you take some of antiphlogistic drug. The bride is indispensible during newly-married wear new underwear, when baling so, should remember be being put into baggage. If just can touch superior friend to come, also did not forget to take wholesome articles for use.

Besides the safety precaution, pay attention to the new personality of appeal, might as well belt some " interesting " thing, for example the insurance of taste of lovely small pants pants, fruit is covered etc. The thing of the others, because this station is " general class " , visit a choose and buy to appeal shop by oneself please.

Memorandum book of article of preparation going abroad

Medicines and chemical reagents of money of photo of passport of necessary article ─ , visa, airline ticket, two 吋 , foreign currency, stage, credit card, calculator, toilet articles, individual, bedgown, change wash clothes content, camera, negative

Swimsuit of ─ of the article that choose equipment, swim book of lens, correspondence, dictionary, small flashlight, sunglass, cap, prevent bask in driver's license of things, international, towel, calling card

The article ─ cosmetic that the schoolgirl should carry, maintain article, things of paper towel, physiology, new underwear, small fold an umbrella

The article ─ razor that the schoolboy wants to take, insurance is covered, interesting thing

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