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The sisters-in-law tower of chilly beauty is fabulous
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Release time: 2007-2-15 20:39:48 Be read to count: 349 Origin: The netizen is offerred Mid-autumn night, somebody jubilates somebody anxious. Hear TV in, come out one plaints the poem of sisters-in-law tower, want to introduce tower of sisters-in-law of lion of the stone austral Fujian to everybody then, introduce the old practice of her chilly beauty. Look hoped to maintain the achievements of one's predecessors the tower cuts a black hair to put storm kite to ask her to had flown so the seas and oceans goes of the family member beside. . . . . . A long time ago, have a year, drought is troubled by south Fujian, crops grain is not had close, the masses have no means to live. Below Bao Gaishan, a poor that is called the sea to be born cannot the cropland that capture meets rich man is hired, be forced the wife of parting newly-married and beloved little sister, far walk along southern Asia, agree to repay a debt comes back after 3 years. After the sea is born toward southern Asia, sisters-in-law two ascend Gui Zhou of sea of Bao Gaishan overlook every day, look forward to family member of flesh and blood to come home reunite. Already arrived 3 years in an instant, poor elder brother comes back by ship, sisters-in-law the two boats that see an elder brother on hill are inshore already, who knows torrential rain has below sweep fierce wind suddenly, ship of overturn of a situation full of danger, sisters-in-law two look at the sea to give birth to be buried sea helplessly in hilltop with respect to the station. Sisters-in-law two be overwhelmed with sorrow, jump jumps the sea... people to commemorate them, build removed this sisters-in-law tower. Sisters-in-law tower (call 10 thousand birthday tower, tower involving a lock again) be located in southeast stone lion city on Bao Gaishan, build at carry on of the Southern Song Dynasty to promote year, it is archaic spring city the navigation mark of maritime traffic, "Close Suo Yanxia " the city that it is a spring one big wonderful scenery, fujian Province cultural relic protects an unit.
Bao Gaishan, ling Xiao is independent, without other mountain peak is adjacent all round, cry again " big Gu hill " . A famous poetic Huang Kehui is in Ming Dynasty in a poem so say " Jiang Bian of random a screen-like mountain peak goes out, big Gu hill most Gu " . That tower of hilltop of lord it over is " sisters-in-law tower " . It is the hollow rock tower of a copy pavilion type that makes with granite. Tower in all 5, 21 meters tall, according to situation borrowing hill, appear special lofty.

Sisters-in-law tower, say again " tower involving a lock " or " tower of 10 thousand birthday " , it is built at carry on of the Southern Song Dynasty to promote year of the Christian era between 1131 - 1162, heretofore has had 800 old histories. Bay of city of its back spring, be faced with taiwan strait, have the power that press down Na Jiang and controls Dong Ming. " annals of fontal state seat of government " on weigh it " Guan Suoshui mouth presses down a tower also, tower above cloud is expressed, those who ascend be expected merchant ship comes and go " , visible, the action with sisters-in-law real tower, serve as navigation mark. Period of the Southern Song Dynasty, fontal city harbor is one of the biggest commerce haven on the world, foreign trade flourishs very, have business dealings with more than 70 countries and area. Song Chao's Wu Zimu is in " dream brook records " in say: "If desire buying and selling of boat extensive foreign country, can go abroad from fontal city. "To get used to the need of overseas traffic, place of v/arc be on the throne builds stone tower on the Bao Gaishan of fontal city harbor, regard lantern as the tower, its meaning is very important undoubtedly. " 8 Fujian annals " have such account: "In there always is stone tower in peace very Hong Li, merchant ship from sea change person, point to those who be to land period. " the stone tower that here says, point to sisters-in-law tower namely.
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