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Dish of most of banquet of 50 thousand marriage is refuse at the same time marri
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Release time: 2007-6-5 7:29:21 Be read to count: 142 Origin: Happiness marriage net Fiery in May, brought the first of this year to marry upsurge. A pair of new personality to make preparations pretty wedding, busy extremely. But discovery of a lot of new personality, the most important in this life one " class " however more and more not relaxed, what luxuriant wedding is accompanying is costly expenditure, and marriage banquet waste is more and more serious, every desk dish is eaten off at most half, remain want to throw away.

  Marriage celebrate the price all the way rocket

Recently a few weekend, insular city greets the marriage May busy season. According to rough statistic, 1000 pairs of new personality get married every weekend, and the reporter investigates discovery, since this year the abidance that celebrates a lot of charge such as service fee as expenses of marriage banquet food, marriage rises, opposite at general 200 yuan red bag money, the newlywed person that chooses to hold marriage dinner in coastal big public house begins " twist be filled with to have a deficit " .

Marriage of the city that occupy an island celebrates the personage inside industry line of business to introduce, since this year, although suffer " few year " the influence of the view, the number that holds wedding declines somewhat than last year, but expenses of food of banquet of marriage of big public house and emcee, photograph picture, decorating the marriage such as the assembly room to celebrate charge still is all the way bullish. The hotel of 5 stars class such as lira of Li Jing, sweet case, the lowermost standard that eat expends is everybody 200 yuan of above, the hotel of the 34 stars class of coastal a gleam of, food expenses also is in each 138 yuan of above. In addition plus 1-2 10 thousand yuan marriage celebrates the charge such as water of service, wine, the cost that holds dinner of marriage of a 20 desks should exceed 40 thousand yuan commonly, allocate the guest person that joins to every to go up, had exceeded 200 yuan.

A wedding always costs 50 thousand yuan

Yesterday, citizen Mr Yuan in the road in Hong Kong hotel of class of a SamSung gives young son to do wedding, number red bag was received in the evening 54 thousand multivariate, and the total expenditure that holds wedding exceeded 50 thousand yuan, this lets Mr Yuan have some of deep feeling, the daughter a few years ago does wedding to return " earn " more than 20000 yuan, how to become now " does be out of pocket do wedding " ?

The son of Mr Yuan calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: The marriage banquet of 1380 yuan of one desk opened 24 desks, on every desk one bottle of 30 yuan Jin Liufu wine, 20 yuan red wine, a 18 yuan father-in-law smoke, 7 yuan red double happiness, plus beer, soda water and candy, the pure charge that eat expends exceeds everybody 150 yuan. Marriage the charge that celebrates a company to decorate an assembly room is 4000 yuan, emcee, photography is photographed picture, the bride follows makeup the price is 2500 yuan, formal attire charge 1500 yuan, hired a car to seek acquaintance petty gain, also sent 1000 yuan smoke, eat a meal twice plus the friend that holds bridal around to help please, the total cost that holds wedding has 50 thousand yuan. And received red package is mostly 200 yuan. The son of Mr Yuan says, 138 yuan food expenses standard is a bounds, if decide the marriage banquet of higher level, affirmative be out of pocket.
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