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Fine number marries the belle of rich and powerful family advocate sow
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Jiang Yaqi Guan Hengjun

Fine number marries the belle of rich and powerful family advocate sow [graph]

2002, temperamental belle, taiwan is famous daughter of finance and economics advocate the message that broadcasts Jiang Yaqi lightning to marry ever made the most resounding at that time news for a time.

Bridegroom -- Guan Hengjun of CEO of brilliant Lei semiconductor, have doctor's degree of Stanford university chemical industry, and fasten famous door, father is Taiwan area before in oily general manager, medium petrifaction president Guan Yongshi. Allegedly, man parent comparatives to Jiang Yaqi love, it is to facilitate one of reasons with two people great marriage.

Although had divorced, have a son with ex-wife Yo, the value a bit that Mr Dan Guanheng regards diamond as Wang Laowu is insusceptible. When accepting TVBS weekly special report, jiang Yaqi and two people of gentleman closing constant do not talk without place, say two people are day of the fate brings lovers together is destined, when be together, always be tacit and dye-in-the-wood. At the same time Guan Hengjun describes Jiang Yaqi is can act like a spoiled child very much, very tender, very the woman that loves the home, and his imagination is at first medium " doughty " figure of female strong person is disparate. After marriage, jiang Yaqi washs plumbic China, the happiness that had young mistress of the house of rich and powerful family too lives.

As a result of temperament not common, jiang Yaqi is heard with respect to red since going out ceaseless, red hears hero to be born from TVBS president Qiufu, yuan dimension of forces of door of palm of old negotiable securities is built, with peaceful car vise general manager Su Chunxing currently holds the post ofhusband Guan Hengjun to her, everybody is had on ten million even the gold social status of millions upon millions above. Final Guan Hengjun moved eventually her fragrant heart. Of Jiang Yaqi fine-looking the head that calculates a Great Master with essence of life, it is the premise that she strives for the happiness that wants to oneself.

Comment on: Taiwan area female advocate sow have marry the tradition of CEO.

Ji Xueping Hei Lide

Fine number marries the belle of rich and powerful family advocate sow [graph]

" 16 years old of beautiful season " in the Bai Xue of Qing Chunke's person, " recreational star heaven and earth " in amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds female advocate sow -- Ji Xueping, in Jin Mao the hotel was married.

"Bridegroom as hired hand in certain trades " the son Hei Lide that is Hei Youming of president of company of Taiwan tall coronal. Hei Lide reads in Canada as a child, it is in Taiwan finance course of study works first, some industry that reachs Shenzhen again later holds the position of district general manager. The Gao Guan that Hei Youming holds the position of CEO nowadays invests (the United States) limited company is done vivid and dramatic, hei Lide also readily take the opportunity to is here hold the position of general manager.
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