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American authoress prepares to hold human history to go up first " aerospace is
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Release time: 2007-5-24 7:50:34 Be read to count: 149 Origin: News morning paper

Swim with American aerospace the company signs agreement, arrived 2009 marry besides the earth the person oen is in love with

Occupy American media 22 days to report, di Kaximan has mixed the American authoress laborious that is 48 years old of city of horse of carry on one's shoulder of American Russia carat " rocket aircraft limited company " sign agreement, will be in what with fiance rice Ji Wolin took this company to invent 2009 " rocket plane " enter be apart from the earth at least 90 kilometers (300 thousand feet) aerospace brim, hold human history to go up first " aerospace is bridal " .

Because common marriage gauze is below 0 gravity,can happen float, so Cindy plan spreads out inside limits all over the world " marriage gauze designs a contest " , let a person help her design a kind to take material to be made by special space navigation " aerospace marriage gauze " .

Nevertheless, in Cindy dream " aerospace is bridal " whether to arouse not little controversy in the United States however legally, say according to American lawyer, american law does not have attributive administer the wedding in aerospace, so of Cindy " aerospace is bridal " be in probably jural it is invalid.

0 gravitational condition leave commutative marriage ring

According to the report, the laborious that is 48 years old Di Kaximan is the United States Dekesasi city an authoress of Austin city, she has carried on her shoulder or back with American Russia carat of Ma Cheng " rocket aircraft limited company " signed " aerospace swims " agreement.

According to this agreement, cindy general and Wo Lin of fiance rice strange · took this company 2009 " XP rocket plane " enter the space, fly to be apart from the earth the aerospace brim of at least 90 kilometers, hold a 0 gravitational condition to fall " aerospace is bridal " , bridegroom bride will marry in the exchange in aerospace oath and wedding ring.

Cindy is to pass the website that make friend and as American eagle the Wo Lin of fiance rice strange · of airline pilot is acquainted, to fiance when her Wo Lin announces him to want to hold " aerospace is bridal " when the plan, wo Lin was stupefied simply.

Wo Lin says: "After I know Cindy, know I can marry with her in the future, but I daydream also did not think of, I will counteract her to hold wedding in aerospace. "

In fact, authoress Cindy appears the thought that holds aerospace wedding, curious not at all to her friend and acquaintance, because her itself is a classics,often can have strange the authoress that thinks of crotchet, her work " the woman that every man knows " in have 128 blank pages unexpectedly, lend this indicative man understand the woman none.

45 minutes fly, one person 250 thousand dollar

It is reported, city of horse of Russian carat carry on one's shoulder " rocket aircraft limited company " XP rocket plane is by the airframe of li of Er business aircraft changes his costume or dress, still building at present in, it will be in end was mixed 2008 undertake 25 times checking flying at the beginning of 2009, just carry tourist travel outer space formally next.
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