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12 years old of schoolgirls indulge month of net marriage difficult extricate on
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Release time: 2007-5-8 9:00:26 Be read to count: 195 Origin: Qian Jiang is late newspaper

The net is loved, net marriage, in grown netizen already not curious, but the leading role of marriage of this picket net is little girl of 12 years old unexpectedly. This day, carry on starts urban elementary school Xiaozhang of 6 grade schoolgirl is mirrorred to the author, marriage of deep clapnet of classmate good friend hard extricate oneself.

Xiaozhang says painfully, the good friend is 12 years old, with him classmate, this year when winter vacation, the good friend goes the Internet bar gets online, fan got on the name is " super dance person " network game, and be in game be acquainted in 21 years old of schoolboys that Liaoning reads an university with, two people still go up in the net later " marry " , "Organization " family.

Now, this of 12 years old of schoolgirls " the net is loved " had taken a network from the net, the girl is met everyday on the sly calls to the schoolboy, mere the time of a month, had used 700 multivariate telephone bill. In the phone, boy of 21 years old tells her, wait for her to arrive 18 years old, he can receive her.

The author is landed " super dance person " , discover this is game of dance of music of a network, have in website home page " in exceeding dance, we love each other, in exceeding dance, we marry... " game introduction.

As we have learned, the girl sends the home, parents is in business in Ke Qiao, will see her every week. Because the girl keeps the talk with the schoolboy, her a load on one's mind into the diary, was seen by parents, ground of parental firm firm criticized her, but the girl is already inexorable went. "Study had gotten affect now, fractional unlike is tall before, exercise also is not finished. " small Zhang Ting is a friend anxious: "Hope you can remind her, study is the most serious now. "

Girl net marriage of 12 years old? Carry on promotes institute of unity and coherence in writing to teach Lin Huilian of prexy, professor to listened to laugh. "Alleged network marriage, the composition of game is a bit morer. " she thinks, little girl of 12 years old, parents is not beside, plus the acting channel with person of on one generation, bring about her to seek other equaler, kinder communication channel, and the requirement of this kind of affection that network just satisfied her. Plus this age peculiar youth stirs, so called " net marriage " arose. "Want the girl to be respected only, be gotten satisfy by the consideration, affection demand that is affirmed, she is met for certain to the boy's attaching slowly reductive. " Lin Huilian suggests the parent does not act too hastily, it is communicate more with the child, 2 it is best contact with that college man student, remind him the identity with eldest brother elder brother gives the girl in order to help, guide, is not bring her to " love early " wrong road.

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