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The home has little baby chelonian of Shen Yangchong content
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On May 6, american food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) remind public attention, osculatory pet chelonian will be right the health of grown person body with baby, children and immune system poorer function causes a harm. Because pet chelonian is the natural host that salmonella belongs to, and salmonella is belonged to can cause severe disease, serious when cause death even.

The home has little baby chelonian of Shen Yangchong content

(The home has little baby Shen Yangchong content chelonian)

Recently, american Florida city a 4 babies with big week are affected at salmonella to death, the pet chelonian that in its the place in the home raises also discovered this kind of bacterium on the body. Salmonella is belonged to, it is a general designation of a kind of bacterium, connect regular meeting to pollute food, if food was not thoroughlied cook, can cause salmonella disease. If the contact did not wash clean hand after pet chelonian, possible also meeting catchs this kind of bug.

Although everybody has the risk that contracts salmonella, but infant, old people, or the crowd risk with oneself immunity low power is bigger, patient of patient of pregnant woman, cancer, transplanting of the patient that change cure, organ, patient of diabetic or hepatic disease also is infection crowd of Gao Wei.

Salmonella belongs to the symptom that the main show of infection is system of gastric bowel road, after infection 6, 72 hours (it is normally 12, 36 hours) come on, course of diseases lasts 2, 7 days.

Be in early 1970, have research discovery, pet chelonian, especially Brazilian chelonian (chelonian of renown Gong Er) cause every year in the United States amount to disease of 280 thousand salmonella. 1975, FDA stems from the consideration that protects public health, prohibit selling turtle shell to be less than 4 inches (be equivalent to 12 centimeters) chelonian, unless be commerce exit, perhaps use at the purpose such as scientific research, education, exhibition. And recently in 4 years, the sale of American pet chelonian picks up somewhat again, the salmonella disease that because raise pet chelonian place,caused last year already rose the United States reach 74 thousand. Consequently, FDA emphasized pet chelonian causing the risk of salmonella disease afresh again recently.

The expert reminds, the pet chelonian that carries salmonella to belong to won't show sicken state normally. The bacteria in its excrement and urine always also cannot be produced by check, accordingly, examine result negative also can't prove they did not carry bacterium.

Accordingly, FDA reminds the parents that attends a child and other nurse person, people may reach its excrement and urine because of osculatory pet chelonian, or the water that raises pet chelonian and infection salmonella is belonged to. The child also may be in the zoo, park or chelonian of pet of the bring into contact with in the child-care centre, affect salmonella to belong to thereby. Should teach them to be after the container that contacted pet chelonian to perhaps place pet chelonian, with soap and clear water complete handle is washed clean.
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