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Have double happiness: The get married on the meeting is handed in in the room
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Release time: 2007-4-30 14:52:42 Be read to count: 178 Origin: Changsha evening paper

Make one of large activities of the meeting as the 23rd room, first " the rose of gauze of Ai Te marriage opens advance of the Qin Dynasty of · blessing knot " preparatory job of collective marriage ceremony is close already end. On May 1, in beautiful green bamboo lakefront, in the sun hill square that 500 thousand maidenhair bloom, will 108 pairs of new personality are fond of knot happy match.

Area opening blessing is round appoint chief says, not long ago publishs new personality recruit in our newspaper after the report, in all 300 sign up to new personality more attend the collective wedding with this baronial dimensions. According to signs up to wait for a condition orderly early or late, defined 108 pairs of newlywed person finally. In these new personality, some brides are star of doctor, place; Some bridegroom come from the Tujia nationality, the Dong nationality; Still having is the husband and wife that does a doctor together, and the new personality that comes from each industries, different place. Among them many new personality still have a lot of touching love story.

This collective wedding aims to push marriage common reform, propose managing concept, promote civilization new wind. Chief of government of district opening blessing says, a such activities reflected Changsha youth and when all enters young times fashion. As we have learned, this collective is bridal not only attend new personality logarithm a lot of, and standards is very high.

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