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Beautiful inn shakes the body becomes marriage celebrate cause service price war
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Release time: 2007-5-12 9:34:39 Be read to count: 187 Origin: News of finance and economics

Pull an a desk and chair, computer, place arch of a tower of a champagne, silk flower, a marriage celebrated a company to be able to open business. Nowadays, because enter a doorsill extremely low, wuhan spends inn not less to begin sortie rental marriage gauze, photograph picture, the marriage such as emcee, festooned vehicle celebrates a service.

Flower shop is pulled marriage celebrate professional work

Street of hole front courtyard spent inn to enter the bride such as gauze of marriage of a few new funds and pearl necklace, dangler technically to act the role of article, hit a wedding to photograph before inn picture, emcee, festooned vehicle " marriage celebrate one continuous line " the fascia of the service. The flower shop that lake of one belt, fruit takes light course of road of 3 this world, before you can say Jack Robinson also becomes " marriage celebrate a company " .

The reporter understands, marriage of beautiful inn sortie celebrates an industry to be confined to before this provide bridal headdress flower, hold flower, festooned vehicle in both hands to decorate etc marriage celebrate accessary professional work, but begin from 2006, many flower shop begin Wuhan sortie wedding is photographed picture, the service such as emcee, festooned vehicle. Notable is, inn does not have what change, it is to be hit only more " marriage celebrate one continuous line " fascia.

Fruit lake " cherish predestined relationship spends shop " old boss expresses, festooned vehicle is decorated, happy candy, hotel is decorated etc, beautiful inn can be offerred, as to motorcade, chair, photograph resemble waiting, beautiful inn has special partner, can help a client had been contacted beforehand, make sure complete set is offerred marriage celebrate a service, and beautiful inn still can offer the privilege that hold a flower in both hands. According to introducing, because beautiful inn becomes a basis, his sortie marriage celebrated a service to invest 20 thousand yuan only.

The service sells at a discount dispute is ceaseless

Actually, marriage celebrate while the market is thriving with each passing day, appeared confused competition. For example a 3000 yuan marriage is celebrated, a little small company claims 2000 yuan can be done calm, new personality can choose petty gain of course. Go up in detail actually jerry, the flower becomes little, gold makeup girl also was changed, the kinescope tape that sends shakes will shake, service quality sells at a discount greatly.

Because lack industry standard and tie, marriage celebrate market the good and bad are intermingled, the price is opaque, the service does not have a standard, the consumptive dispute that causes from this is ceaseless. Produced overmuch origin cameraman to operate camera last year undeserved the accident that causes empty collection, the happy event that lets newlywed person becomes irritated worry. In addition, a few small-sized marriage celebrate a company to return the way acceptance in viva voce to serve project and price, the agreement is extremely simple also, occurrence problem makes clear responsibility and obligation very hard.
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