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One woman is avaricious marry " high pay " discover the husband is cheater after
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Release time: 2007-11-21 11:56:35 Be read to count: 119 Origin: Article report Recently, together " false abbot cheats marriage proposal " intercessory end a case. Because experience case false abbot is a mental disease patient, via mediation of court of Shanghai Pudong new developed area, this case marriage concerns and end in order to remove. Avaricious small cloud of fooled the girl that do not have stannum comes out from the disengagement in unfortunate marriage.

Last year in December, xiaoyun knew one each to say via person introduction is famous cloister the Yu Mou of the 2nd abbot, outside not the director that the Yu Mou of common weighs to he is some buddhism association, vice-chairman, monthly pay is as high as 35 000 yuan, he still gave Xiaoyun a piece of calling card that shows its capacity. Subsequently, he raised cohabitational requirement to Xiaoyun, wrote a piece of 3 billion yuan IOU to give Xiaoyun with the name of abbot. Had the assurance on capital, xiaoyun begins to live together with Yu Mou.

Live together after a month, two people are registered married. After marriage before long, xiaoyun discovers the husband is a cheater that pretends to be Buddhist personnel to make money of Buddhist ceremony seek to the person only. And Yu Mou action is unusual, often lock up Xiaoyun in the home instead. The heart gives birth to the Xiaoyun of suspicion to be informed finally, the husband is a madman actually. Here the circumstance falls, xiaoyun puts forward to divorce, but refuse by the other side. This year in March, for oneself safety, xiaoyun leaves to live apart with Yu Mou secretly, yu Mou cannot find a wife to kiss to Xiaoyun's mother undertake the language browbeats. Look at the mother of not yet recover from a fright, xiaoyun is final on the court asks to divorce. (Reporter: Excessive of Xu of Zhang Lei of administer d ? is beautiful)

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