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Discharge with 21 cars inside campus of college man student intentionally form p
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Release time: 2007-10-24 8:51:49 Be read to count: 130 Origin: Contemporary gold newspaper

"Our school somebody is discharged downstairs in the library with motorcade intentionally form, propose to cummer! " yesterday afternoon, name of a net is " the sword of 13 father " student of Ning Bo college goes up to expect to reporter newspaper in city QQ.

On the photograph that comes in this netizen hair, the reporter sees 21 cars are arranged intentionally form. The reporter found the eyewitness at that time yesterday afternoon -- , courtyard of law of Ning Bo university a schoolgirl. She tells a reporter, 21 days morning at 10 o'clock half, she is studying by oneself in scheduled time in library reading room, a classmate discovered downstairs a flock of youths are in rehearse motorcade. Midday at 11 o'clock half, this motorcade became entity of a heart, and the car is same type, of every car before the floret that a pink stuck on the window, look very unified. Before you can say Jack Robinson, this group of youths raise a banner, aloud exclaims: "Kitten, marry me! " at this moment, the crowd boiled. Unwitting heroine was pulled from reading room by the classmate, was stupefied. Whole setting lasts about 15 minutes.

The Zhao Tongxue that provides a picture tells a reporter, this motorcade comes from boreal logical sequence a Che Youhui, 21 cars all are Ford, heroine is this school the student of the graduate school.

The student that the spot witnessed this one scene is not little. A lot of classmates have his view to affection of this be related: "Very sweet really, very touching! " and some classmates say: "In campus, such courtship means some are not quite appropriate, after all the place that the school is a study, the student also should be given priority to with school work.

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