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Ma Su explodes oneself with Kong Linghui feeling falls in love at first sight th
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Release time: 2007-10-26 21:43:46 Be read to count: 221 Origin: Chongqing morning paper

Yesterday, the drama of ethics of 20 collect family that by Kong Linghui cummer Ma Su presents as leading role to act the leading role " moral bottom line " in Chongqing the romance on Na Bin road films. The equestrian Su Xian that type of a suit Han dresses up gets natural and graceful, can't help rippling on the face when speaking of male friendly Kong Linghui the smile that removes happiness. She not only shook the whole process that acquaintance knows each other well between them to the reporter a De Chaotian, disclose undemonstratively still, "Aperture Ling Huizheng is busy prepare for war 08 Olympic Games, although should marry,also get Olympic Games hind. Although should marry,also get Olympic Games hind..

   Not rainbow of Pan of dread evil mother-in-law

Yesterday, arrive when the reporter film when the spot, the husband in persuading drama does not sue equestrian Su Zheng once the person that incivility passes him. Just walked out of camera lens, she was surrounded by everybody rise. Ma Su discloses, the part that she acts calls Chen Xiu, it is a particularly weak female, and Pan Hong impersonates old show character her mother-in-law, "In this drama Mr. Pan Hong is a pathos character no longer, she became a very slashing mother-in-law, can come with severe method at any time and place certainly Chen Xiu. Can come with severe method at any time and place certainly Chen Xiu..

The reporter asks curiously: "If one day you became Kong Jia's daughter-in-law, encounter same mother-in-law, can you also bear alone so? " Ma Su laugh is worn low first, filar silk girl's bashful expression upsurges on the face, "Actually I go up in disposition with Chen Xiu or differ completely, if I let come up against such thing really in real life, I am affirmative won't submit to humiliation, now what time ah, not be old society, I stand bravely to be communicated well with the mother-in-law certainly, the domestic ability that tells a truth is harmonious. The domestic ability that tells a truth is harmonious..

He Linghui falls in love at first sight

Borrowed teleplay to publish his one time " the daughter-in-law is enunciative " hind, ma Su opened wide heart door leaf thoroughly before media, to how following champion of ping-pong Olympic Games Kong Linghui takes course, her tirelessly path comes, "It is to should lean lot really, I and he is Harbin person, when remembering going to school at the outset, hear everybody to called Kong Linghui to come on the train once, next the person of complete railroad car emerged, but I did not watch the scene of bustle, alone sit over to want, we are OK sooner or later meet with a kind of special kind. We are OK sooner or later meet with a kind of special kind..

"Did not pass how long, oneself dream came true unexpectedly, we are taking planar ad for brand of a motion at that time, then the encountering with respect to coincidence. " " Kong Linghui chases after you? " melon seeds face of Ma Su is a bright red, "Not be, we who didn't chase after, feeling develops very naturally, be what you say to fall in love at first sight. " be acquainted from 2002, two people already love 5 years.
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