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Discover one man sues wife affair " rival in love " requirement apology compensa
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Release time: 2007-10-22 8:28:38 Be read to count: 133 Origin: New capital newspaper

Mr Wang of 44 years old discovers a man and wife have shocking concern accidentally. Immediately, mr Wang is damaged with domesticity and spirit for, sue a court, ask this man makes an apology and recoup cost of its spirit loss. Recently, abundant stage court accepted this proposal.

Mr Wang appeals to say, on July 31, 2007 midday, he returns the home from the unit when, the door in discovering the home is turned over to lock up. After knocking, the wife opens a door, after he takes the door, see a man wears briefs to be in the bedroom of his home.

Classics inquiry, this man admits the wife with Mr Wang already had produced shocking men and women a lot of times to concern, express very compunctious, wrote to Mr Wang subsequently no longer rather wife of contact assure, loss of spirit of gentleman of king of freewill compensation 20 thousand yuan.

Mr Wang thinks, as a result of the improper behavior of this man, cause serious mental harm to him, the family that also gives him at the same time and domesticity bring serious harm, the man should get for his fault behavior legal penalty. Then Mr Wang sues a court to ask this man makes an apology, fulfill assure, compensate for his spirit loss to expend 2000 yuan additionally.

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