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MM places appearance small doohickey
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Release time: 2007-5-23 8:05:46 Be read to count: 392 Origin: The network is reprinted 1, the head and body avoid become linear. Both if become linear, hard to avoid can have inflexible feeling. Accordingly, when camera lens of body front front, the head should a little towards the left or it is a few more right-handed, the photograph can appear elegant and vivid; Same argument, the eye of the person that should be photographed is opposite when camera lens, let the body turn into proper point of view, can make the picture appears get angry and move situation, can add stereo touch.

2, double arm and parallel of double leg avoid. No matter be photographed person be hold sitting position or be station appearance, must not let double arm or double leg submit parallel form, because such meetings let a person,have inflexible, mechanical feeling. Proper way can be all the time or both make proper point of view. Such, can cause already move feeling, the pose abounds again change.

3, make bodily form curve trenchant as far as possible. To the person that the female is photographed, behave its to abound the curve of glamour is very be necessary. Normally the practice is the weight that lets a leg of the character prop up the whole body actually, a leg a little drive up some recumbent stand that leg, brachial ministry should turn come over, in order to show its narrowest one side, bosom passes lumbar curve, show its tower and plentiful and substantial feels as far as possible. In the meantime, a hand of the character can be placed in hip, so that offer necessary width to the picture.

4, defect of sitting position avoid. When sitting position of the person that expression is photographed, do not let its resemble common and same will whole body to sit into the chair. If such, her ham can present rest position, so that much more adipose part apophysis is carried on the leg, make leg ministry appears crude benzole. Right way is to make its body forward move, stand by chair edge to sitting, maintain hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, can avoid a shoulder to hang down so the phenomenon of abdomen protruding.

5, expressional ace appearance. The hand of the person that be photographed is in the proportion in the picture is not large, but if put undeserved, the whole that will destroy a picture is beautiful. What hand ministry should notice when filming is complete, do not make its generation is out of shape, break off, misshapen feeling. When be like hand akimbo or be being put in the pocket, want dew to be in partial finger, lest give a person with interceptive impression.

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