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Today summerly marriage gauze 7 color are distinctive
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Bright red and snow-white chasteness, lucky, green is glittering and translucent, pink fresh and tender, blue strongs and pervasive fragrance rather... if you think bridal whole body connects tire to match,should be snow-white, too malapropos. Come as gorgeous summer, marriage gauze also begins to cast off pure the traditional color such as white, ivory, cream-colored, sweep " colour " tornado.

In gauze of this summer marriage, the marriage gauze of pink of downy and pleasing to the eye a complete set of begins popularity, if orange of pink, pink, pink is blue, pink violet, pink is green reach color of shallow silver grey. And on compose blackish green, purplish red, deep violet wait for gauze of colorific pink marriage more colour powerful, 7 colour are vivid.
Today summer, be tired of reservation and missish fashionable new people, the marriage gauze that can let oneself to the top of one's bent exhibits his each " color " , coruscate is lived to depress long already youth and spark by flourishing city and insecurity.

White series -- as before classical

White is a kind of extremely shallow nature, environmental protection and gentle, it is to advocate downy and natural, quiet model first selection color of the bride. Nevertheless, it is drab and monochromatic that marriage gauze of white is not, can divide suckle for pure Baihe white two kinds, among them pure white namely ivory is white, divide shallow ivory color, deep ivory color again, and the milk is white namely champagne, divide shallow champagne, deep champagne again. Choose the marriage gauze of this one theme, can the filar flower of the pink on compose, butterfly, in order to add color.

Green series -- alleviate body and mind

Green is a kind extremely shallow weak, have the color that puts euqally glittering and translucent and lucid feeling on the ice, if concealed or showing green add ice jade-like stone feeling, if give the fresh and juicy like Shui Furong,can allow a bride.

Pink series -- fresh and tender and lovely

Pink gets young girls all along love, lovely, foreign flavour, lively bride scarcely can miss this.

Maize series -- bright and beautiful is green

Bright yellow suits the skin for nothing you, it is OK show your youth and self-confidence entirely come out.

Blue series -- comfortable and close-fitting

Ning Xin, elegant shallow blue, of foil bride missish with nobility, it is first-rate of inner world's individual character is romantic and rich new a form of address for one's wife marriage gauze colour.

Gules series -- beaming

The formal attire on Chinese style wedding often is bright-coloured red, if new a form of address for one's wife is enough halfback, might as well bold come to the marriage gauze of Chinese bright red and West second union.
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