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What calls Bible album
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Release time: 2007-5-23 8:03:03 Be read to count: 340 Origin: The network is reprinted Bible album calls bronzing of hot back up album again

This kind of album is by specialized firm, finish with special professional device, building of general vague impression is cannot oneself make, the photograph that it is a full page uses craft of bronzing of hot back up to follow add thick inside the page squelchs together.

Advantage: Whole feels strong, without juncture, margin predestined relationship follows inside the page makes an organic whole, won't grow because of time and come away, unfavorable be out of shape, beautiful and beautiful.

Traditional album

Make by shadow him building commonly, the cost that make is low, just paste the photograph inside on the page, time grew easy come away to be out of shape, especially Suzhou such Changjiang Delta area, through 2 - if plum rains of 3 years is seasonal, basic album is met metabolic of go out of form.

Bible album (call bronzing of hot back up album again) one times more expensive than common album, be after the inevitable tendency that album develops

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