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Shallow the problem that talks about use DV to film wedding notices
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In user of digital camera family, digital camera is to use a record commonly a few daily dribs and drabs, perhaps film a few wonderful course of the journey, the requirement that these filming is too tall, freedom is spent bigger also, consider was not patted good, also can film after NG again. Film besides these besides, encounter most important film setting helps kin friend wedding wait festival kinescope a moment namely. Wedding films, the preparation of the equipment that involves, and a few major film knowledge is compared much, and of the person that film film experience and skilled rate are very important also, everybody follows here shallow the viewpoint that talks about a few people to film to wedding and experience.

It is very important that wedding films, be cannot NG also cannot of rehearse, the preparative job of early days is very so main, ability assures to won't make mistake in filmed process, what also assure wedding is complete film. The preparation of equipment, it is consideration number camera above all. To assure filmed picture, a good digital camera is little not (of course, below the circumstance of the choice that do not have, average number camera also can be dealt with only) , for instance beautiful can the VX2100 of XL1S, XL2, XM2, Suo Ni is waited a moment, nevertheless the hand of these machines is moved function and advanced hold accuse to compare much, senior to camera player is used more appropriate, and not quite appropriate begin to learn is firm perhaps introduction before long the player is used. Opposite for, of Suo Ni VX2000 full automatic it is better to film, hold it is easier also to control function, if want a novice to want to consider to use these " half major " machine, might as well try Suo Ni VX2000 camera of this kind of number.

The films total meeting has its angle and place limitation as a result of camera of a number, conditional word, can choose two numbers camera to undertake filming in different position and angle at the same time, handle in later period so when, can change setting each other blend together, can make the effect promotion of whole kinescope film very big. Exchange ring each other in new personality for instance when, a camera has ringed feature, another will film the expression of two new personality, handle in later period next when, be together picture switch. Can make whole picture graces so many. Nevertheless, use two numbers camera to film at the same time, the picture that should notice two camera film wants character identical, most at least gets close, when otherwise later period is handled, the distinction with qualitative picture is bigger, make the audience looks more barpque, this is the detail problem that must note.

Digital camera is ready, return so that prepare a few fittings. Suggest strongly to use wide-angle lens above all, add after installing wide-angle lens, whole picture looks imposing manner is more baronial, the effect can promote an administrative levels. Lamp of photography of its secondary preparation, outside buy microphone and tripod. Photography lamp is an a replacement that selects equipment, generally speaking wedding is outdoors or the place with enough light, the photography light that prepares 20w left and right sides commonly so is already enough use, if be done not have really negligible also not plan, right whole filmed impact is not big. And when be being held because of wedding, can appear noisier, the microphone of the buy inside camera can appear ability not equal to one's ambition, add install to take sound ability strong outside buy microphone also is necessary. Tripod also is cannot little thing, film bridal time grows quite, hold or the shoulder fights digital camera to be able to let person be unable to stand, and use tripod, also conduce to film the stability of the picture, nobody can be willing to see the picture that shakes leisurely of shake from side to side, so tripod is an indispensable fittings.
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