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Pat marriage gauze to illuminate be careful tender one knife
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Release time: 2007-4-16 9:39:03 Be read to count: 1035 Origin: Sohu net

Current, there is building of shadow of gauze of a lot of marriages on market. The reporter was in recently disappear assist see about building of marriage gauze shadow complain already became heat. One once worked in shadow building the personage inside old job tells a reporter: Choice marriage gauze photographs, must reason, a lot of people were to endure " tender one knife " hind just know to be duped.   

Have freely " misdirect "   

According to at present of this industry " guild regulations " , every chooses a department of above of 1000 yuan of price in building of marriage gauze shadow, can give the bride makes up freely that day and use marriage yarn.

But to finish marriage that day, a lot of brides however by " rinse " . Miss Zhang presses complainant the time that with the urban district some shadow building agrees before half an year is punctual will make up, waited for a hour, do not see the figure of makeup girl tardy, final girl explanation says makeup girl has temporarily the issue does not come, miss Zhang that wanted a bride that day must not be less than other modelling inn to spend money to make up. Why doesn't makeup girl come tardy after all? The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, making up because of bridal marriage is given, so a lot of makeup girl are not treated seriously, contradict oneself.   

The decoy of marriage gauze formal attire

As to take a picture the marriage gauze formal attire that day and marry the marriage gauze that day is used, to when taking a picture, mix marry eve, follow discovery of the ability when the bride goes choosing dress, these marriage gauze formal attire are cent " grade " , choose absolutely impossibly arbitrarily by you, have common area, VIP area and high-quality goods area, want to had chosen the dress, that has to make money again. And all these, the girl persuades you to do not say a single word when their shadow building takes a picture.   

Hide in makeup fluid surely " mystery "   

Still a lot of detail are hiding trap. A few complainant are mirrorred, in take a picture with marry make up that day, makeup girl can do his utmost go canvassing is bought " decide makeup fluid " . Miss Zhang bought 4 bottles 400 yuan to decide makeup fluid in the flower below the commendation of makeup girl, after the event just discovers essential exhaustless, a bottle enough a person is used, bridegroom is essential not need. After the event just understands, so those decide makeup fluid makeup girl to have deduct a percentage from a sum of money. General bride marries to met a gangmaster to send that day dish case, makeup girl can be used to you again " hair mat " the gangmaster is sent dish a bit tall, saying is so OK carry high it seems that. Fill up 50 yuan with a hair, and look to small commodities terminal market -- 5 yuan one!    
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