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How to let marriage gauze take a department more overflow?
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Release time: 2007-3-1 20:01:33 Be read to count: 416 Origin: The network is reprinted Want conjugal new people, sheet is to pat marriage gauze to illuminate quite nerve-racking, want a photograph to be patted beautifully already, should have served again, the most important it is price be to one's profit. The photography of gauze of marriage of of all kinds that at present the marriage gauze inn of dimensions of the size on market rolls out serves a formula, the price differs to thousands of yuan from hundreds yuan, after new personality looked dazzling. So, how can you just use after all most does the price of be to one's profit pat the most satisfactory marriage gauze to illuminate? This period marriage the price composition that celebrates investigation to will be you to introduce building of marriage gauze shadow, make content exceed the marriage gauze formula of a value for you.

Generally speaking, of building of marriage gauze shadow film the service includes: Indoor install with formal attire of gauze of the photography outdoor, marriage and evening offer, make up, book of flower of integral modelling, hand, photograph (art design is designed or pure put a picture) , the photograph adds draw a frame round enlarge, the price is decided with respect to the project amount of the demand that depend on place, can divide give priority to a series and a department of all sorts of price.

As we have learned, every shadow building can have or many marriage gauze advocate cover a department to recommend new personality, reach certain level advocate cover a department to include roughly: Film scene of inside and outside, dress modelling 3 two above, a big album, the essence of all sorts of dimension is put match casing old photograph a few pieces, photographic wool flake, negative is given, marry the formal service that day.

And the formula of marriage gauze photography with more substantial price (800 yuan of the following) , it is pure commonly pat marriage gauze to illuminate, some marriage gauze inn do not offer exterior to film, and do not have just make up the most basically like the bride, content of formal attire hack. The formula of marriage gauze photography that 900 yuan of above go to 3000 yuan two, include afore-mentioned basic content, and 449 to of more than 10000 filming environment, staff member, album how many, bridal service, of all kinds gives a ceremony to wait to be perfected quite.

In addition, the price of bridal service also follows a demand how many and rise and fall. The basiccest is bridal makeup, going up again is formal attire, the price is low offer only, price Gao Ke offers marriage gauze, evening dress two above.

   The 2nd pace: Make " overflow formula "

The formula serves the number of the project, those who inspect place to pay price how many and calm. When order, you should ask clear and pertinent question of course, what order a formula to formal attire of how many bride and modelling can be offerred for instance? How many pieces of photo can you take? Give a scene shot on location, of each charge pay etc. If you want to use most the price of be to one's profit gets the most satisfactory marriage gauze is illuminated, when choosing photography store and photography formula, can consider the requirement of 3 respects such as gauze of the following marriage, modelling, photography.
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