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Do not offend 13 of marriage " day "
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There are a lot of knowledges in marriage, want true happiness you should learn in marriage together with the sweetheart, so the following " day " you had better call a sweetheart to be read together!

   One, learn to include

A lot of moment, those who destroy marriage is not those offend of the principle " important matter " . Often a few carelessly minor details more have power.

Often perhaps forget to wash a sock, often perhaps forget ashtray, often perhaps opening TV to sleep again. It may be a habit only, a kind of manner. As time passes, marriage is being detested however and the loss in conflict dangers.

Very funny, the oath of the seas run dry and the rocks crumble before marriage has not made a pair of smelly socks in the corner unexpectedly sometimes. Can be a fact such. Learn to include so, want to know, live together with a person, want to enjoy his advantage on behalf of you not only, more it is to should include his defect, good-tempered his past.

   2, the society is trustful

Face marriage, we normally the target has only forever. It is a function word actually forever, visibility is not worth 5 meters. Perhaps, probably only accredit can let dispel the clouds and see the sun-restore justice of our life, ability gives forever a direction.

I know this is a times that lacks sincere letter.

Occasionally, trust even if close a key point. For forever, we have no alternative.

  3, do not place marriage on love body

Again clinging love, its vitality also is not worth 4 years. In right time, have a suitable person. So enough.

  4, do not want the child easily

The child, it is a hope, also be responsibility at the same time. If had not learned to assume, still perhaps do not determine future, must not want. Additional, do not dream to do ligament to bind dead marriage with the child. That is right oneself, just be harmed to the child and cruel.

  5, the society is broken recall

No matter before marriage once remembered to the end of his life more with the love of others, rip a heart to crack lung more, that has been a dream, can become reality no longer. What can live for oneself is happy, forget.

  6, institutional esteem

Love does not love him, respect him. Of course, below the premise that respects you in him. Without the marriage of dignity, cannot happy.

7, do not forget independence

Do not want to resign easily. Stationary point case-dough, in order to have untimely needs. This world is very real. Who do we leave to go, cannot leave money exclusively namely.

 8, institutional communication

Communication is not a nag, this measure masters very hard. But between husband and wife of total have an easy time silent. Silent, can be compromise, also can be contempt. But more is a weapon, can destroy your feeling easily.
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