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Do you know how to should bestow favor on a man
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1, fall in love with a man when you, must not go thinking oneself are should a bit more missish. Love him to tell him, occasionally the man also loves vanity very much, your profession the self-confidence that can let him achieves acme.

2, had not loved him when you, so also tell him with the directest way. Do not go considering him can flimsy, the man's self-respect is far more important than pain.

3, had loved each other when you, so be about to trust to him, what idea tells him, no matter he supports. Any man hopes his woman relies on him.

4, before the friend in him, should give him dye-in-the-wood position. Than what outer part is important to the man, do not mind to become a young woman before others, want to know those who come out to young woman is the man is bestowed favor on.

5, when he is playing game, no matter you have much urgenter thing, also do not shut his computer directly. Had better be cuddle is worn he, it is by the side of his ear gently delicate language, because the man is right of game hold fan surpass you to watch a wonderful soap opera.

6, every month also has the man a few days that, with the woman about the same, mood without reason is low. This moment does not ask him how, should accompany only beside him, do good yourself.

7, he and friend go out to drink, card games, you do not ask why he doesn't take you to be headed for together. The man is willing to make kite, want a line to still be in your hand only, so put him to fly.

8, the man is very lazy very stupid, although he loves you, but do not want to expend idea to please you. What you can do is to be in proper when to him bright show, the man needs a woman to give his strong pawn one club occasionally.

9, the man no matter his appearance has many powerful, but in one's heart still is a child. He is in capricious when do not want big to him growl to cry, this does not rise to him do with. The most efficient way is to accompany him one case mad, after waiting for him to calm gently tell him, you love him very much.

10, the man is not to agree to acknowledge a mistake, to him when he knows a fault a step falls, he can know favour graph to declare.

Make allowances for a man, that regards him as namely your sweetheart, lover, elder brother, friend, father, child. Love him, do not give him the responsibility, give him freedom, also be to give oneself freedom. The woman should know when to should be entered when should retreat; When should block before in him, when should hide in his back. Regard him as go cherishing like yourself, helped sb to fulfill his wishes his happiness, he just can help sb to fulfill his wishes your happiness.
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