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Divorce today, you should hold me in the arms to give a door
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Was troubled by eventually blame from cannot degree.

Wife say, it is you hold me in the arms those who take a door, wanted to divorce, her whats do not want me, just be before the divorce, want me to promise her a condition, you hold me in the arms again give this door, time limit is a month. Because spend a month again, the child spends summer vacation, she does not want to let the occasion that the child sees parents is apart, resemble living in that way before even in this one month.

In the limit of of a month, the first day, our movement is very inflexible. Because once explain later, we had had very long passed without so intimate contact, resemble passerby everyday same. The son is patting little hand to say from back, father cuddle mom, father cuddle mom, make get my some feel sad.

From bedroom classics sitting room, give a door, to the gate, ten meters distance, wife in the bosom in me, closing an eye gently, say to me, we begin from today, do not let the child know. I nod, the feel sad that just falls comes on again float. My general wife outside be being put in the gate, she goes waiting public transportation, I go for a drive go to work.

The following day, I and wife the movements is random a lot of, she leans deftly on my body, my nose her pure and fresh garment is sweet, wife be old really, I already had how many day to do not have so close had seen her, on the skin of smooth, had fine fine furrow. How had not I discovered wife have furrow, or oneself already were how to long to notice oneself were familiar with the woman in bone this.

The 3rd day, wife say to me by the side of the ear that is enclosed in me, the Hua Chi in the courtyard was torn open, should take care some, did not fall.

The 4th day, hold in the arms in the bedroom case wife when, I am gutty and illusive, we are very close sweethearts as before, she is my baby as before, I am holding her in the arms attentively, and what concern Yu Lou envisage, if if not have,have,become rise.

The 5th day, 6 days, wife can say a few little detail in my side side every time, the dress has ironed to be hanged where, when cooking, should take care not to let oil be being splashed, my light head, the sort of illusion in the heart rises more and more strongly also.

I did not tell dew all these.

Feel oneself more and more did not take pain to, it is the result that take exercise it seems that, I am right wife say, hold you in the arms now, not very took pain to. Wife in choose dress, I am waiting to hold her in the arms to go out aside. Wife tried a few, not quite appropriate, oneself sighed, sit over, say the dress grows fertilizer. I laugh, but laughed at a half only however, oneself remember between my suddenly more and more did not take pain to, either I am strong, however wife thin, because she presses all worry in the heart. That is flashy, ache closely in the heart rise, I reach a hand, try to stroke wife frontal eminence.
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