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Man of 8 kinds of act understands the woman least of all
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Release time: 2007-5-25 8:38:20 Be read to count: 286 Origin: Sohu net

  Someone says, the man is sensible animal, the woman is perceptual animal. May be thinking means of the men and women is different, better worry man of the woman cannot understand or understand error, especially the female of vogue of those be fond of, their idea more allow men scratch one's head over.  

  1, does the gift want romance or material benefit?

   The man is bemused: In the time that needs thing of give sb a present so in International Working Women's Day, be to send romance to return be material benefit?

   Setting: "38 " late, husband takes a door, send wife a bundle of rose. The wife says: How many money must this bundle of flower spend? Still be inferior to taking I and son to go engorge... still have, you owe necklace of my platinic gold oh! The smiling face of husband immediately caky!

  Summary: The woman is corporeal animal occasionally, after the ablution that experienced agelong marriage especially. Face this kind of situation, the husband is inferior to nodding material benefit to her!

  2, should romance want an audience after all?

   The man is bemused: Romance is I and cummer completely the private affairs of two people, but why does cummer always want to a few audiences seek?

  Setting: Two girls of the office are same the day spends birthday. Early in the morning, the male friend of one girl delivered 11 roses and a piece of birthday check, although the gift is vulgar, still caused young lady younger sister cheer. If another girl sits needle blanket, boil eventually, see that far goofy holding a rose in both hands to stand in him door mouth.

   Summary: Romance needs an audience, bright and beautiful garment must not night goes, vanity is the disease that female people cannot cure! Below a public occasion, common gift also can social status hundredfold.

  3, is the mischief emotional appeal dull still?

  The man is bemused: Why be in average life, the woman also likes the project of an all fools' day to take test man, make poll painful?

  Setting: Mr Chen returns the home, discover the wife stayed a piece of scrip: Dear, I meet with the classmate tonight, do not come home had a meal. Mr Chen calls madly then, make an appointment with a gang of scoundries to arrive home in come orgiastic. The phone is hit, discover wife to walk gingerly goes from the bedroom suddenly: "Ha, so I am absent you are so happy when the home ah. " what he enrages is dumbfounded, the rock that she laughs at.

   Summary: The male friend that amuses oneself with the mischief or husband are the recreational project of the expert of female brethren. It is a kind of game that has interest not only, still hold a test and check action concurrently, if you do not sink to enrage, likely at this point by " the paste that bake " .
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