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Alcohol: The first destroy person of perfect marriage
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Release time: 2007-5-9 9:15:36 Be read to count: 268 Origin: Hainan news network - the southern part of the country Metropolis Daily

The husband with able diligent became excessive drinking Chinese, ms. Chen is not clear, of one mind wants to collapse fact of free from anxiety spends the time prosperously they, divorced however after marrying 12 years.

"Drink calculate what important matter, but be drunk so that whats do not have a law to pass without any consideration in that way like him. " Ms. Chen is careless, formalities had not done a word to had put most.

The marital registry office this afternoon, the person that handle affairs is not much, movement of a few pairs of young married couples got marriage certificate immediately, mr Li waited for for a long time in the sofa on the side, already some are impatient, he stands up suddenly when preparation goes out, one woman comes hurriedly.

"I still have a thing. " Mr Li voice is very small complaining, ms. Chen does not pay attention to the wife at all, breathless take out all certificate to be put on the table from black bag.

"What thing, drink? " Ms. Chen loses a word. "Do quickly, anyway such. " Mr Li face about says the son lives over him first, waited for this semester to end to consider again. Ms. Chen rebounds immediately type ground says: "Are you available cook? You a little while racing bike do not come back a few days, perhaps where day drinks many dozens of person... " this husband and wife is in of lot finally, also not was in of talking around contend for on had allowed a condition.

The reporter after waiting for Mr Li to go was asking about two people marital experience. Ms. Chen says they are very small knew, live on a street, marrying also is automatical thing. The husband is so very the person of diligent, from load pull of person racing bike is helped after trick-cycling skill learning secretly over there elder sister's husband. After they marry, the husband consults two people with her or want to buy a car to undertake battalion carries, always giving others help with farm work is not a thing.

"We do not have the idea of so much romance at that time, want to spend the time prosperously namely. " Ms. Chen says very not bounteous at that time small two raise money everywhere, they wrote down sheet of brushstroke brushstroke Zhang with the notebook. The 2nd year, after the son is born, marital enthusiasm is more sufficient, she is looked at very gratified. Be less than time of 3 years, they paid off the loan of ten.

The cause that Ms. Chen says them is in flourishing, they bought a room to acquire again in Hai Dian island not only after 3 years a car employed others to come. And be in at this moment, the husband did not know how to know a gang friend, acquired drinking abuse. Do not come home all night sometimes, bout comes drunk fume fume, do not know to break the how many thing in the home bad. The son sees the appearance of his that excessive drinking does not have mood study. She was driven beyond forbearance to produce acuteness brawl with the husband eventually. Affray thing always sends irremediable. "No matter how you say he did not listen, to now he himself also does not drive, those money that rely on to be versed in the young is handed in everyday get along " Ms. Chen says, the person of a racing bike, mix excessive drinking, able what to return, take a life to joke? Have the husband a few times to drink much still start work.
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