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Remind: Astounded of shelfing is able to bear or endure Xiu carve level ground
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Release time: 2007-5-8 8:52:20 Be read to count: 223 Origin: The network is reprinted A book cries " the affair is OK Rao Shu's blame " , saying an affair is the treason of adult, go against like adolescence like turning over, be level sex, a lot of moment can be excused -- this word is apparent too absolutely, in fact, the manner that encounters external is because of the person different. But the fault that excuses you when your husband or when you realize you should return to a family, how to give an affair die in one's bed, be a knowledge. Here recommends a few kinds of commonly used methods to you, might as well try, can rescue the marriage with your heavy crisis quickly probably. " female now declare "

  Law of psychological make a decision

Should be in above all mentally and borderline of affair object make a clear distinction, the woman is to love old animal, although go up to be contacted without what with affair object in behavior, in the heart however bear in mind constantly. And nostalgic meeting affects your view to having marriage, generate evil sentiment of be disgusted with even. When you so opposite goes when bear in mind constantly, should rise immediately thing seeking a site is done. Do chore, look for a friend to chat, with child play, want to learn to understand adequately and admire the past at the same time. Since ended to be about resolute and decisive, apparently severed or old affection resume combustion is more terrible than affair itself.

   Law of one is assured and bold with justice

No matter whether has he discovered you off the rails, want expression to get heart when you decide to return to a family magnanimous, one is assured and bold with justice. Like wanting to resemble young son's wife, feel oneself had made a mistake be being subdued with respect to what, can let marriage be immersed in deformation only so. Affair, in lifetime of a lot of people or light or main experience, because this becomes aware,derive from low or inferior to others, can let him only more be suspicious.

   Feeling changes a way

Place the emotion that controls on him husband body. Look for an opportunity to give him a hug everyday; When watching TV, sit in a few closer from him position to perhaps take the hand on his leg; If you go,sleep or sleep two beds quilt, must sleep afresh now return same by the nest in, although not affectionate, often also should come contact of a bit limbs. Perhaps begin you to feel very " acerbity " , incommensurate, but should insist to do only, you can discover this man is accessibly and lovely beside oneself very quickly, holding his hand, although do not have Dong of the Dong in the heart to jump, very warm however very set one's mind at. If you are not done really, can change feeling to child body.
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