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Marry the affliction of a wife of " of vase of the " that raise a key point
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After the university graduates, I am hit in IT course of study went all out nearly 10 years, although the classmate had domestic room mostly, but I am not anxious also, instead is the friend is giving me help move. One day, one is become in the university old

But when I begin to prepare wedding, I feel the problem began to come. Buy a house for instance, she is environment, a sector of an area, size, layout, do not fall like want best, but I am not weathy after all advocate, which have big silver to come prodigal. Want to did not make her satisfactory euqally only, she makes fun of young lady disposition. But, I can on toughen one's scalp-brace oneself, who calls me is not a boss! Fortunately these I or year of some savings, staged a romantic wedding inside friend circle at long last.

After romantic wedding passes, my saving also is spent almost. But I what holding beauty in the arms to return, what the mood still comparatives is good.

But very fast I discover the young lady disposition of small Yuan is not imagination of the place before marriage far in that way, now and then make nod small strength just. Small Yuan is the person of character of life of a special pursuit, which kinds of clothing on the street is fashionable she follows popularity to drive, her dress puts on two season very hard. If catch the style of which sweater very in the swim, she may a design buys two, different color matchs different mood and the coat that deserve to differ. Her delicate the finance that brought about us often deficit.

And she comes off work after coming home, say she is fast continuously tired died, say she stood one day to also say one day to the child, reject to talk with me stoutly consequently, of course the meal also is not done, lie on sofa to watch TV. A few months are tired come down, my eye big finish does not have a god, assumes working nature also is inferior to be being done well before, stake is little also a lot of.

Thinking what every month must return to buy the fund that the room mortgages, in my heart very anxious. Then, I for many times ground of with a kind and pleasant countenance and small Yuan discuss, look in us on the face of this economy community, let her assume some of housework responsibility, make heart of my whole body devoted work, make money award more.

Unexpectedly, small Yuan is frank, she says: "I wanted early to resign, because the swot is easy,make the person ages. After I resign, set my mind at to take care of a family, let you work well. " I think it may not be a bad idea, anyway she earns 1000 multivariate to domestic finance also be a small head, still be inferior to protecting a person to make bit of money more.

"Divorce " the pretext that is her

such, the half an year after marriage, small Yuan abdication did full-time wife. Begin, I come home to still also can see small Yuan cooks to me everyday, even if be,boil a bowl of noodle sometimes I also be perfectly satisfied. But this kind of day has done not have on a few days, I discover incorrect interest, the small Yuan that had spare time knew the full-time lady in a gang village, everybody or is together or of compare notes Ma Yi goes into the street shop, and still vie each other.
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