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Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen wedding dress help enterprises out
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"Customs environment here is good, the quality of the atmosphere thicker fight!" Sea 20 years ago from Taipei to Xiamen, said Tsai Chin-shan Taiwanese investors in Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau have helped push for 3 consecutive years, Fortune dress wedding United States dress design Total rating the top prize, the Chinese company among the top ten wedding dress manufacturers in the world wedding dress manufacturing industry plays a very important role. Last year, Fortune dress selling overseas, setting up double success In the first 10 months of export volume also grew 33 percent. Wedding Dress Bridal Xiamen Global A woman the most beautiful moments in life than to put on white wedding into the wedding hall. In the West, marriage, buying a wedding dress has become a very common thing. This unit blew an early wedding Taiwan consumer trends Bay Area, wedding design and production companies in Taiwan started early, some of these companies in the last century to settle down to 90 in Xiamen. Today, the wedding dress industry in Xiamen, China, and Taiwan-funded enterprises most. Small-scale into a "giant", from a single design style to the endless stream of new models, from the "guerrilla style" is not fixed to a stable customer base Huge source orders. Recalling growing footprint, the leader manufacturer in Xiamen wedding --- Taiwanese enterprises Dress Co., Ltd. Xiamen Fortune Tsai Chin-shan very frustrating boss: "winning a thousand miles, original aim is quality! Can To say, inspection and quarantine department of comprehensive technical support, the formation of Taiwan enterprises in Xiamen excellent quality, but also for our export markets put up a wedding day. " "Golden" crisis of the new opportunities in the In 2008, the international financial crisis affecting the world --- that the "golden" crisis of a sudden. Wedding dress manufacturers in Xiamen sharp contraction in orders, into an unprecedented predicament. Xiamen Fortune dress has Limited, for example, its main high-end product consumer market doldrums. Wedding in 2008, only 473 approved the export value of $ 10,745,000, compared with the previous year fell by about three percent. "Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen through close interaction and communication experts, we get a full range of guidance and support, benefit." Fortune said general manager Wu Donghui, in order to reduce the circumstances, Inspection and Quarantine departments to encourage them to focus on long-term internal strength to work on the catch, accelerate the improvement of the quality management system and to promote the pace of customs clearance information. October 2008, Fortune and other wedding production company export enterprises have installed electronic monitoring System, check zone in Xiamen in the first textile and apparel exports to achieve a significant shift in regulatory approach. With electronic monitoring, inspection and quarantine work experience wedding a "revolution" of the leap. Inspection and quarantine authorities through business with the connection of computer software, without leaving home inspectors can monitor the entire process of their production, Computer system to automatically determine the eligibility of each batch of exports of goods and decide whether to release. Typically 7 minutes release of a consignment. Clearance of goods was shortened significantly decreased the cost of manpower and resources, companies try To the fast and convenient electronic monitoring system, "sweetness." Information system application, but also to the inspection and quarantine departments have more time to helping business. "Going for the perfect wedding Export Inspection and Quarantine, the quality management system made many constructive suggestions." Wu Donghui Said, "not only pointed out our problems, but also helped to a number of practical reform measures." This year, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen to play a role as a link active, clever in the wedding garment enterprises in the level of communication take Taiwan, summarize and promote quality wedding dress business management experience to effectively promote the business exchange and development. "Red" tide against the transfer of Thinking As the mainland economy continues to develop the coastal economic belt down traditional policy strengths. Mainland investment offers "new tactics" after another, for the wedding garment manufacturers opened up the development of another new flex its muscles "Stage." In Xiamen, the wedding dress industry relocation "heard", companies point to look Northwest and other regions of Fujian. They put part of the production base to Changting, Zhangping, seeking to maximize corporate bonus new battlefield. In stock and special " Red "tidal shift in how to enhance the quality of the work relevant? Xiamen inspection and quarantine were the first from the analysis of the underlying causes of the changing situation to proceed, an organization devoted to research and thinking outside the team. According to statistics, this year about Jiucheng export garment production enterprises have recruitment difficulties, some Lack of work or even the proportion of 50%. In addition, this year the global economy has shown signs of recovery and an increase in foreign orders, foreign clothing dealers stocks plummeted, the phenomenon of a large number of replenishment, the majority of producers do need to add new Workforce. Constrained by labor shortages in some enterprises but have to slow down or give up the orders. In this case, Min abundant labor resources in the Northwest and other regions, but also a large concentration of Jiangxi and labor is adjacent to a natural Transfer of investment companies, a pressing need for new "positions." World affairs, will be in fine. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen in depth the phenomenon of relocation of production enterprises appear to carry out research and found that these enterprises are only some of the labor-intensive processes such as cutting, sewing and other processes shifted . Product design, manufacturing and garment exports like clothing inspection, packaging and other key processes and the production of small and short duration of the "difficult" production project are to stay in Xiamen, also the basic garment exports from the port of Xiamen. To resolve Difficulties, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen on the relocation of enterprises with the timing of the daily supervision of business "overseas" production management staff to strengthen training and guidance, counseling the establishment of appropriate quality management system, to firmly establish the "production Enterprise is the first responsibility of "consciousness; strict raw materials into the plant shut, shut the factory inspection; support enterprises to establish their own brands, to develop the domestic market, guidance and support enterprises bigger and stronger ... ... "Like a kite when the kite firmly in the hands of the line, then even if a kite fly high and far, but also to firmly grasp the direction." Going to person in charge of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in a variety of measures, key production process Supervision is essential. "As a result, even if the relocation of some production processes of enterprises, development of enterprises still a good grasp."
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