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Wedding Association: naked wedding photos should be banned
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Wears a veil, who do not wear clothes, so naked wedding deviant you would accept? At present, quietly rising in some cities took nude wedding pictures, Shanghai, also intends to try some of the studio. In response to this trend, Shanghai Wedding Trade Association made it clear that the opposition. He Lina Wedding Industry Association, said recently that nude wedding is unhealthy, bad taste thing, contrary to our traditional Practices, lack of respect for marriage, if that Shanghai has taken the wedding nude wedding photo studio or received the relevant report, the Urban wedding industry association asked the higher authorities will be immediately banned. Shanghai photo studio: Do not refuse to take naked photos Recently, Chongqing, Xi'an, Guangzhou, including a number of cities, have emerged in new film "nude wedding" trend, causing the media hot. A female white-collar workers in Shanghai are gonna get married, said not long ago that someone in line to see the sun through bare-breasted and wear their own three-point shot the wedding. Although he must find the courage to take the next wedding wedding so bold , But she does not hate, discrimination of other new film this nude wedding, the key is to shoot master scale, after all, a matter of personal privacy. Miss Lee claimed that new, own and her husband who are more traditional conservative , Which is not acceptable. Post reporter visited the studio in Shanghai found that, although most have said publicly that no major studio had taken nude wedding photos, but some said they would not refuse studio guest of "special" requirements. A well-known wedding video Floor of the reception staff, guests, if any "special shooting requirements" with the store's makeup artist and photographer discuss filming "dew point" the wedding is not entirely not. "If you wanted to make a comparison of exposure only in photography Shed shot, if you accidentally shot in the park, allowing visitors to see the not so good, after all, this is a more privacy. " Wedding Association: Contrary to the Chinese traditions and customs He Lina, Secretary General of Shanghai, said the wedding industry, wedding photography Union City Association recently devoted to the wedding photography industry association conducted a survey to understand the market, there is no wedding photo studio that Shanghai has launched this public The service, in her view, nude wedding pictures are some areas of the cut-throat competition among small companies, some of the dark side of society to meet the product. He Lina said the wedding is to commemorate the new photos of the wedding, it is with personal pictures, body art is a well-defined and photo, as is the wedding photos, wedding photos, you should wear wedding wedding dress or, if wearing Yarn his head, who did not wear clothes, how can you called the wedding? Since the wedding is to commemorate the marriage to be holy, healthy, in her view, nude wedding is not only unhealthy and contrary to the traditional Chinese Custom, not a good influence on society, the Association is strongly opposed to this. He Lina said the association is not clear Which enterprises (shoot nude wedding pictures) of the service, but once found, the association will be submitted according to the law of civil affairs to be banned. She said the association encourages healthy new shoot , Positive, uplifting wedding, especially strong proponent of the wedding and tourism bundled with the "wedding wedding tourism", according to their forecast that next year the most popular wedding in Shanghai will be the "interior shot in Shanghai in the field On location. " Shanghai is also considered a number of new people, and now studio market such a mess, even if there exist naked wedding market, the relevant departments should set up the access threshold for audit practitioners and certificates, or if Nude wedding pictures spread out because of mismanagement, will give the parties and society are adversely affected.
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