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Well the beginning of the place - a lifetime to have you wedding company
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Beijing wedding company - you are in Beijing lifetime wedding, ritual ceremonies, conferences and other services performed the wedding company, is an existing large-scale wedding company in Beijing. Marriage is a human life the most important ceremony, the wedding is a sacred ritual in life, choose a good wedding is the beginning of happiness, Beijing wedding companies - life with you for your service! Have your wedding a lifetime of professional services companies, with high-quality staff, in the many years of successful service-oriented wedding ceremony program, highlighting the couple's taste and personality image. By a host of different styles and experienced cameramen, photographers, professional makeup artist together to create a joyful atmosphere you to make your life as if today's celebration, the grand warm, high Yayi people. Well-being of your life have you started from! The company is a professional wedding, etiquette, celebration of the body. From its inception to the present, in just a few years developed into its own dedicated office space and a high-quality, professional and strong team. And leapt to the capital wedding, etiquette forefront of the industry. In recent years, companies adhering to the "integrity-based, service oriented, proactive and innovative," the purpose for nearly a thousand couples held a grand wedding and personality, and maintain a zero complaint medals, won the community praise. Wedding: Marriage is a human life the most important ceremony, the wedding was in life a sacred ceremony. Happy marriage from a successful wedding. We would like to help you round the beautiful dream of a wedding. Here, you can get with marriage-related services; wedding planning chair, new make-up, camera photography, VCD, SVCD, DVD production, venue decoration, inflatable dragon hi word, decorated floats, wedding team, band, etiquette , hotel booking services, your wedding preparations to cumbersome to us, not only allows you to save time, worry, more time and effort to experience the sweet and warm wedding to make your wedding on the grade, the grade and truly become your life's journey of the most beautiful scene. Team: high-end collection of hundreds of cars in the wedding convoy. With Rolls-Royce, long Lincoln, Lincoln, Long Cardigan, in the card, the city Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz Series, BMW, sports car, Audi A6, Buick, Honda, Passat, Century Star Red Flag, the red flag name Shi and other sections of the model. Chaired the planning: There are hundreds of different styles of presenters to provide full guidance for the wedding. Photo: VCD, DVD production; by professional photographers throughout the camera for you, and create unique VCD, SVCD, DVD. Decorated floats: cars flowers, holding flowers, corsage, wrist and flowers, and colorful Makeup: Professional makeup artist for you to stay a lifetime moment. The company not only can provide different styles for the wedding and his wife outdoor, air, water, churches, candles, folk and every other wedding, while meeting the special needs of all walks of life, so you deeply feel the "hold my hand, will always be friends "The one truth. Official Website: Headquarters Tel :010 -67,664,059 Address: East Third Ring Shilihe West Long Fu Gong layer of 30 meters (300 Road Station) Promotion: QQ243003454
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